3rd Annual Turnoff Week Blog Challenge

By , April 10, 2009 8:44 pm

I am finally posting about the 3rd Annual Turnoff Week blog challenge.

This year’s National Turnoff Week begins April 20th and runs through April 26th. I plan on hosting another Turnoff Week Blog Challenge for those who want to take the plunge and give the TV-free life a try!

Can you turn off your TV for one week? Can you turn off your computer for one week? Can you at least reduce your family and personal screen time for one week?

These are things to think about. The idea is not to feel guilt about doing it or not, “succeeding” or not, but simply to gain awareness of the amount of time that we all spend in front of screens these days.

Even without TV, I have my own “screen-issue.” The computer is my downfall. I will try to reduce my computer time that week.

Think about it. Discuss it with your family. Perhaps this would be a good time to try reducing your screen time if you have been considering it.

I’ll post more later about how to join in the Blog Challenge (as always, there will be a small bribe prize for a random participant!!), but I just wanted to plant the seed in your thoughts today.

So, is anyone interested in giving it a try?

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  1. Boatbaby says:

    Well we haven’t owned a TV in nearly 5 years now, so that should be easy ;) And yes, reducing my late night computer use would be a good thing. And something I will be forced to do anyhow because this little bugger is acting up and needs to be shipped off to the shop next week anyhow! Voila! Good timing.

    I think.


    Boatbabys last blog post..Blast Off

  2. Jen W. says:

    Count us in! I think cutting down on the computer time will be the hardest! I’m actually a little excited to see what happens when we can’t just veg in front of the TV every night. =)

    Jen W.s last blog post..Already?

  3. My second grader has asked that we not us any lights on the 22nd for Green Day and yesterday, we discussed turning Nick and Cartoon Network off for the summer. So this might just fit in well.

    I’m going to float the idea by the masses today. . . and push for it tomorrow.

    Dave Thurstons last blog post..JstATht – Twitter, Facebook, the Internet, the Telephone, and the Telegraph

  4. Michelle says:

    We’re in!

    Michelles last blog post..Things that Go Bump in the Night

  5. Mikhela says:

    Sounds great…can’t see my partner agreeing and yes, giving up computer time will be more of a challenge for me. Looking forward to it. But how will I blog? Can I write it down and post at the end of the week?

    Mikhelas last blog post..I’ll just pop over and ask for half a cup of sugar…

  6. Miriam says:

    I’m in! I keep playing with different ways to cut back. I’m going to go with 1 hour of screen time a day (still listen to my podcasts while cooking, though!). For the girls I’m going with TV-free except for family movie night which we haven’t had in a while and they’ve been asking for.

    Miriams last blog post..My Little Artist

  7. SkylarKD says:

    It’s perfect that Turnoff Week is the same week as Earth Day!

    I’ve posted an Earth Day Challenge on my blog, so if anyone is interested in joining, come on over and post your plans for celebrating Earth Day with your family! I have a toddler, but all ages are welcome!


    SkylarKDs last blog post..Celebrating Earth Day with a Toddler + an Earth Day Challenge!

  8. I’m going to do it! It’s going to be a challenge, but we can do anything for 1 week! I would like your advice on something. My son is not a big tv watcher, so he won’t have as much problem with that as my daughter and I will! However, he loves his Nintendo Wii and computer time, so how much time do you recommend I reduce that to during this week? I realize this is my personal decision, but I would love your thoughts.

    Alicia @ Experiencing Each Moments last blog post..Disneyland #2: Characters

  9. Joi says:

    We are in! I am actually looking forward to this. We are a family that spends way too much time with electronics. We lived 4 years without a tv and now we have one and all the trappings that go with it.

    Jois last blog post..Ocean Blue by Dragon

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