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Fabric (Weekly Unplugged Project)

By , February 17, 2008 7:33 pm

This week’s Unplugged Project theme was fabric. I must admit to having had a hard time with this one, so I finally decided to quit worrying about it and leave it up to the kids. I asked them what they thought they could do with fabric and my oldest daughter immediately began talking about a picture of a tiger that would be filled in with scraps of fabric instead of being colored-in with markers. I thought this sounded like a fine idea, but then I made the mistake of mentioning the word “sewing.”

Both faces lit up. The fabric collage was forgotten and out came the sewing machine. They have both used it before and can manage, even my 5 year-old, with some assistance.

I found some pretty fabric pieces in a laundry room cupboard. I also hauled out a big tub of fabric remnants that has moved with me, unopened, from garage to garage for the last 8 years or so. At least I thought it was unopened. Upon removing the lid, this is what we found:

A mouse pantry! At least I guess it was a mouse, although I saw no droppings. Whatever it was had stocked up quite a larder full of sunflower seeds! How embarrassing. When you have rodents living comfortably in your fabric storage container, you really can’t claim to be very “crafty,”can you?

Once we got over the laugh about the mouse nest, we settled down to business with the laundry room fabric (I’ll wash the other, just in case).

My 7 year-old daughter decided to make a small pillow for herself. I remembered that I had some very nice potpourri stashed away in the linen closet and suggested that she put some of that in there too, to make it smell good. Unfortunately even WordPress can’t create a scratch-and-sniff blog post yet, but it really does smell lovely!

This was the process:

After the success of the pillow the kids really went to town and began making little flags by cutting triangles and sewing a small open hem through which they pushed a drinking straw. This was all their own idea. They then thundered around the house holding “races” until dinner time (the flags were the “prizes”):

And here is the baby’s fabric project (simple, but fun for a 2 year-old…and all her idea!):

All in all, we had a surprisingly fun time! (And the kids were amused for HOURS!!!)

So what did you do with fabric? Or did I scare you all away by choosing such a potentially intimidating theme! I hope not. If you did do the project, please leave your name in Mr. Linky (if he decides to work this week). Please also be sure to leave a comment if you participated, that way if Mr. Linky fails and I have to remove him, we’ll still have a link to your project.

By the way, for those of you Unplugged Project “old-timers,” please check out this link, I gave you all a little something (at least any of you who collect blog awards). I think everyone missed it!


Next week’s Unplugged Project will be:

Letters (Alphabet)

Hopefully it will be less intimidating than fabric, and it offers a wide variety of activity options.

Please feel free to join in and remember to have fun!


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