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Screen Free Week

By , April 20, 2010 4:31 pm

It’s Screen Free Week again (April 19th – 21st) and I almost missed it!

I have been really busy with life and school events and have sorely neglected the blog.  But since I “BWO,” I won’t apologize.

It is too late to set up my usual Screen Free Week Blog Challenge, however I do encourage everyone to give Screen Free Week a try by reducing or eliminating as many screens as possible in your family’s life for one week.  Anything is possible for just one week, right?

If this sounds like an interesting project to you, here are a few links that might help you fill those screen-free days and nights:


TV-Free Brainstorm

Practical TV-Free Ideas

The “Mommy I’m Bored” Box

Books for an “Unplugged Week”

Try out some of our Unplugged Project ideas


Impressions of a Week Without TV

My Mindful Week

Unplugging Yourself

How it Went For Me

You may love it or you may hate it, but you’ll never know unless you try!

PS.  Be sure to check out the many other TV and screen-free websites out there for more ideas, information and inspiration.  Also: and

TV-Free Brainstorm

By , September 23, 2009 9:45 am

Are you trying Turnoff Week this week? Don’t know what to do? It’s Wednesday, are you running out of ideas? Here’s a brainstorming-type list. See if you can find some inspiration here:

– Cook together – Bake fun goodies or make dinner.  Try something exotic – kids are far more likely to eat “weird” food if they make it themselves. Have a Kids Cook Night!

– Be tourists – visit a local attraction that you have never visited before.

– Try a craft or an art project. For ideas, you can always search the old Unplugged Projects (the category is: “Unplugged Project” of course!).  Be sure to check out readers’ links for ideas too.

Flip a rock to see what’s under it.  Photograph, draw, or write about your results.

– Go outside and play.  If you live in a city and have no yard, then go to the park.

– Read a book out loud.  By the way, you don’t have to read only simple picture books to toddlers.  They love those, but a nice, appropriate chapter book read in bits can hold their attention (and yours) too.

– Put on some music and dance.

– Dejunk your house, or a room of your house.  Eliminating and organizing stuff might not always be fun, but it leaves you with a lightness of spirit when you are done.  Here’s a post with some ideas for what to do with your cast-offs:  Sort, Junk, Donate.

– Volunteer with your child for a local charity.  If you are unfamiliar with the organization it is best to call first to find out what they need and whether a child the age of yours would be welcome.

– Play some board games together, or have a formal family game night. My advice for preserving your sanity: try to pick a game that your children like, but that is not deadly boring for the adult participants. (ie. stay away from Candyland – that one sends me into an immediate coma.)

– Write a story together and illustrate it.

– Play with your pets, wash the dog, teach him dog tricks, put the cat away and get the bird out …

– Learn a new skill together: knitting, crocheting, French knitting (aka. corking, mushroom knitting, knitting knobby, knitting nancy, spool knitting), finger knitting, weaving, embroidery, needlepoint, wool felting. If you don’t have a French knitter, make one out of a tin can.  If you don’t have a weaving loom, make one out of a picture frame!

– Take a walk around your neighborhood, or be adventurous and go on a real “nature hike!” Check out these sites for more outdoors/nature-related ideas: Backyard Nature, Green Hour

– Organize a family (or neighborhood) soccer game.  Or basketball, or baseball, or tag, or “Mother May I…”

– When all else fails…bring out the Mommy I’m Bored Box.

Turnoff Week – September 2009

By , September 15, 2009 5:55 pm

Uh oh, I almost missed it and the dates are actually posted here on my very own blog.  National Screen/TV Turnoff Week is now twice a year and the September Turnoff Week will be from September 20th -26th which is next week!

Have you ever wondered what would happen in your family if you eliminated (or reduced) TV?  Mutiny? Peace? More reading?  Less arguing?  More arguing?  Boredom?  More playing outside?

Now’s your chance to find out.  People all over the United States (and the world?) will be turning off TVs for one week.  No real commitment is necessary.  You don’t have to blow-up your TV, or even donate it to the local thrift store.  Just turn it off for one week (unplug it from the wall if the kids know how to turn it on by themselves).

I know that many readers of this blog are already TV-free (or at least minimalist when it comes to “The Box”).  How about trying to minimize other screens that week?  My personal downfall is of course the computer.  I will try to turn it off (as much as possible*) that week.  [*See?  Am I already waffling?]

I will TRY.  That is what counts.  Perfection is not required.

By the way, from my past experience with feedback from TV Turnoff Week, it is usually the husbands rather than the kids who put up the most fuss about eliminating the tube.

Something to think about.

PS.  I am not sure about organizing a formal Turnoff Blog Challenge this time.  Is there any interest?

And the Winner is….

By , May 6, 2009 8:47 pm

I just put the names of all participants who completed the 3rd Annual Turnoff Week Blog Challenge into a basket. Next I drew one out, read it, and it is:


Congratulations Kate, you are the first non-blogger participant in the Annual Turnoff Week Blog Challenge ever to win the $10 Amazon Gift Certificate!  You can read Kate’s Turnoff Week story here.

Thanks so much to all who joined in this year.  I am slowly making my way through your stories and am enjoying them tremendously!

Another Non-Blogger’s Story: Jeanna from New Zealand

By , May 6, 2009 9:03 am

Thanks very much to Jeanna for joining us for Turnoff Week from all the way down there in New Zealand! I love the internet. How great to be able to connect with people from all over the world so easily!

Anyhow, that’s enough of my not so profound, but very sincere thoughts.

Here is what Jeanna had to say about her Turnoff Week:

Turnoff week – how it went!

Well we don’t have TV anyway so that part was easy! My kids often watch a DVD at my parents place but we were away for the week so there was no problem with that either. I had to prepare some classes on the computer during the week so I knew I wouldn’t be able to be off it totally so my goal was
“To go on to the computer only when necessary, and to avoid Facebook completely”
I think I did really well. I didn’t go onto facebook during the week at all. I only went online to collect and send emails and I did as much preparation as I could without the use of the computer. I also didn’t turn the computer on at all during the day.
It was probably easier because it was holiday time and because we were doing things during the day. I didn’t miss facebook at all – shows how much time I waste on it now! And I got a lot more done.

I am looking forward to next year’s turn off week – would be nice to get something happening over here in NZ.

Thanks so much for telling your story Jeanna!  The computer is my downfall too.  I am glad you were so successful!  I agree that Facebook can really take up a lot of time.  Sometimes we don’t realize that until we cut it out for a week like you did.

If any other non-bloggers out there have a story to tell, send it to me right away.  I’ll try to get your words on the blog before this evening when I’ll pick a random participant to win a $10 Amazon Gift Certificate.

Come back later tonight to find out who won!

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