TV Turn-Off Week Blog Challenge (2nd Annual!)

By , March 25, 2008 11:26 am

First of all, thanks for all the kind comments wishing me well on the last post. I am not 100% right yet, but am definitely on the mend. Now my oldest has it. Ugh.

What a nice Spring Break we are having here in Albuquerque! At least we are staying at our house here and not in a hotel somewhere. It’s even less fun to be sick in a hotel.

Anyhow, today I will try to get back to business with a “real” post:


It’s hard to believe that my blog is over one year old now (the UPYK Blogiversary was back in February) and it has come a long, long way! There are even now actually a few people besides my sister and my best friend Wishy who seem to read my words from time to time. Amazing!!

Most of you probably weren’t around last spring to take part in, or even read about, my TV Turn-Off Week Blog Challenge. Well, April has been very sneaky this year and has arrived on quiet little mouse feet. I only just realized that it is almost here!

Since National TV Turn-Off Week is just around the corner (April 21-27, 2008), I’d better get going with the Unplug Your Kids TV Turn-Off Blog Challenge!

During TV Turn-Off Week, any interested bloggers, or non-bloggers can join the challenge. Can you turn it off for one whole week? If you have been lurking about here, considering the possibility of unplugging completely or partially, then now is a great time to give it a try. I am getting a lot of Google hits at the moment related to TV Turn-Off Week, so there must some interested people out there.

The way it works is this:

1) You and your family decide if you want to attempt to turn off the TV from April 21-27. Since we don’t have TV, my personal challenge will be to reduce time with that “other” screen and spend less time online (my addiction). I plan to be online just long enough to post a few times and keep the challenge going. So feel free to tailor your Turn-Off challenge to your family’s personal needs.

2) Next week, when I have returned to Arizona, I will put up a post containing a Mr. Linky, a repeat of the instructions, and a button.

2) Once you have decided to join in, write a post about the TV-Turn-Off Week Blog Challenge linking back to Unplug Your Kids. If you want, you can also copy the button and place it in your sidebar with a link back too. The idea is to spread the word so we have as many participants as possible. Once your post is up, put a link to it in Mr.Linky.

3) Turn it off from April 21-27! Try to stick to your plan, but don’t be frustrated or discouraged if things don’t work out perfectly. This is supposed to be a fun, learning experience, not a week of family torture and self-loathing!

4) After the week is over, I’ll put up a final post with a new Mr. Linky. Write a post about your week: how it went, the ups and downs, what you would try differently in the future, etc. That way, we can all learn from each other’s experiences. Link to your final post in Mr. Linky.

5) And if the worthy nature of this endeavor itself is not enough to convince you to try it, please take note that I will be offering the bribe prize of a $10 Amazon gift certificate to a randomly selected participant who completes the challenge and writes a final post.

6) Finally, if you are a blog reader but have no blog yourself, you can still join in via email. I had one person do this last year. I will post your plans beforehand, and then post your final summary at the end too (plus you will also be eligible for the bribe prize!).

So with this post, I have hopefully “planted the seed.” The next step is to think about it all and discuss it with your family. When I get the Mr. Linky post up next week then you can sign up and commit yourself to the challenge!

12 Responses to “TV Turn-Off Week Blog Challenge (2nd Annual!)”

  1. CelticMommy says:

    You bet your bottom we’ll be participating in this! I just checked when I started unplugging the family and it is almost a year now (thanks to you) and am so glad we have. I even turned the Time Warner Customer Service lady onto it… she had never heard the term “unplugged home” before. Hopefully you will get a lot of participants and the word will hit more people. Will write to you personally later. We are in the throes (?) of sickness here as well. I miss talking with you! -Hettie

  2. We’re in! We’re still in the process of decreasing the amount of tv. Cold turkey just didn’t work for us over the long haul, but I think we can go without it for a week.

    You’ll need to have extra unplugged projects going out that week, too! :)

  3. Kate in NJ says:

    Count us in, we do tv turn off week, which incidentally,
    my dd learned about last year on t.v. (Arthur on PBS).

  4. MatchMomma says:

    We’ll be here! :0)

  5. Diane says:

    Yes! We will be participating in TV Turn Off Week. I’m considering making it a no computer week as well, but can I do it? :>O

  6. Jenny says:

    I could absolutely do it- I don’t know if I’ll be able to convince my husband though. And the “other” screen? Maybe I could try every other day?

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  9. Dana says:

    As I browsed around online I came across some useful tips to engage kids in reading on Matthew Gollub’s website During National TV Turn off Week he suggests things like; clipping newspaper articles of interest to older kids and planting them where they’re sure to be seen, keeping a reading log of everything your child reads for the week, listening to books on tape while driving and selecting closed captions on your TV. If we set the example and make reading exciting and fun kids will also establish a love for reading in their free time!

  10. ladonna says:

    I did this when our kids were in grade school and it was a huge hit…I had 100 kids out of 300 participate. We did a BINGO game with ideas of other things to do…ride a bike…go to the park…play a card game…etc….it was a bingo card of family ideas. The kids had to bring in a bingo or if they did a blackout and their parent signed that they did not watch TV, play video games, etc – they got a small prize. We are going to do it at my church in April. This is a wonderful thing to promote!

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  12. Kelly says:

    This is a good time to commit to this. We need to decrease the amount of time we are plugged in!

    Kellys last blog post..Dumpster Diving Clinton Style!

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