“Unplug Your Kids” in Breathe Magazine!

By , October 18, 2010 7:36 am

Thank you so much to Breathe Magazine for asking me to contribute to their fall issue article entitled “Your Kids Unplugged.”

I really like how they present the middle of the road point of view…REDUCE…don’t eliminate.  This is almost always what works best for families and it is so great that someone is actually discussing that!  Screen-free time does not have to be all or nothing (as I have tried to emphasize since the start of this blog).  Do what works for your family.

If you live in the Mid-Atlantic or Southeastern U.S. you can find out where to pick up a free copy of Breathe by clicking here.  If you can’t get a print version, then you can read the full article here.

4 Responses to ““Unplug Your Kids” in Breathe Magazine!”

  1. cara says:

    Are you still hosting unplugged projects? I couldn’t find one for November. Did I miss it or have you done away with the project ideas?

  2. Angela says:

    Great article! Thanks for sharing the online link for those of us who can’t get the print version.

  3. Mom Unplugged says:

    Hi Cara,
    I have been blogging a lot less these past few months and haven’t had time to get the themes going. I hope to be more active from now on, so you can expect a theme next month (or maybe even a quick one for this month in the next day or two). Thank you!

  4. Mom Unplugged says:

    You’re welcome, glad you liked it!

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