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By , April 24, 2008 7:46 pm

Congratulations, you are over half way there! At noon today, Turnoff Week (and the 2nd Annual TV Turnoff Week Blog Challenge) was half-completed.

So how is it? Easier than you thought? Harder than you thought? Have you met your goals? Readjusted your goals? Given up your goals? Don’t worry if it is harder than you thought, and rejoice if it is easier!

For me, so far I have to say it has been much easier than I expected. My big “screen issue” is the computer, and honestly, I think I was in need of a bit of a blog break. I have had a pretty happy and productive week so far, however my rapidly growing collection of unanswered emails is gnawing insidiously at the edges of my thoughts…


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  1. I’ll have to say, it’s been both easier (at times) and harder (at times) than I thought. Now, we’re on a roll.

  2. Susan T. says:

    Mom Unplugged, turning off the TV has actually been pretty painless for us. We’ve been helped out tremendously by beautiful warm weather here in the northeast. Bike rides, a Cub Scout hike, playing in the yard have all been more appealing than staying indoors.

  3. We’re doing ok. The first two days were good. Wednesday was spent at doctor’s offices and the hospital. Thursday the MIL offered to take the two oldest boys until Saturday morning. WOO HOO! Last night at 7:30, I put the baby to bed and was by myself (dh is working crazy hours). I CONSCIOUSLY made the decision to sit down and watch a movie ALL. BY. MYSELF. I don’t regret it one bit!

    I’m learning a lot this week though. I’ll have a post up next week sometime about how it all went and more details…

  4. MatchMomma says:

    Checking in this morning during my 15 min. of computer time. It’s gotten easier each day! TV is not a problem here because we don’t use ours but the computer is our friend… but we have all been doing well with just checking email and posting a picture on the blog. It’s been a nice break and I think I will be much more aware of how much time we (especially me) spend on the computer. Again, thanks for doing this for all of us!!!

  5. Megret says:

    We did it! And we loved it!
    Read about our adventures here on my summary post:

    Thanks for the great support and ideas beforehand!

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