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By , November 30, 2009 1:58 pm

Goodness! I have been bad about getting to these Unplugged Projects lately. Never did get to last week’s thanks (other than to cook and eat Thanksgiving dinner!) and for this week’s writing theme, we are too busy traveling and visiting family.

But if you did a writing Unplugged Project this week, then please link to your project post in the linky below. If you didn’t join in with a writing project, then please do not link, but read more about how to join us here.

Due to seemingly waning interest and the holidays, I think we’ll have a bit of an Unplugged Project vacation.  Enjoy and stay creative!

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  1. […] weeks Unplugged theme is writing. We took this idea pretty literally and set up a Holiday letter writing and card making […]

  2. Claire in Tasmania says:

    My 2yo has started asking me to be allowed to type on the computer. I offered to let him dictate a story to me, but he wasn’t interested – he just wanted to make all our names (I helped him find the letters in the right order) and type lots of random gobbledegook. So I’ve made him his own word document with the font set to one with the right shaped ‘a’ and a nice big font size and I let him at it when he wants. It’s a first step towards writing.

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