Eggs (Weekly Unplugged Project)- Part 1

By , March 23, 2008 6:26 pm

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate Easter, and Happy Spring (or Fall, if you are in the Southern Hemisphere) to those of you who don’t.

I have spent my Easter Sunday dozing in bed feeling horrible with some sort of nasty stomach thingy. The last thing I felt like doing was a project with my kids. Plus the theme…eggs, well, isn’t that kind of like…food? Impossible!

I have optimistically added a “Part 1” to this title so that when I am feeling more alive again, perhaps we will do the egg Unplugged Project and post about it. We had been going to try dying eggs using fruits, vegetables, and plants. I have never tried making natural dyes for eggs, so I was looking forward to it. Oh well. Hopefully we’ll get to it later. No promises though.

I’ll put up Mr. Linky for those of you healthy people who were able to do the project this week. Please also leave a comment so we can still find you if Mr. Linky malfunctions and I have to take him down.


Next week’s project theme is:



18 Responses to “Eggs (Weekly Unplugged Project)- Part 1”

  1. Nature Mama says:

    Hi :) I love your blog and ran across your unplugged weekly theme a couple of weeks ago and thought it would be fun to participate. And with it being Easter and all what a perfect time to join in since there is an abundance of egg crafts to do :) We had fun coming up with a project and will have to think up a rock one for next week! Hope you feel better soon, we just got over a nasty bug to :(
    Happy Easter.

  2. Claire says:

    I hope you’re feeling better soon.

    We did natural dyes this week. Perhaps you can pick up some tips from our short comings – use white eggs and turn often :-)

  3. Maria says:

    Oh, I hope you get better soon. It’s so unpleasant to have that type of virus.

  4. We went for something different this easter :)

  5. […] theme of this week’s Unplug Your Kids Project is EGGS, and I thought I’d share the egg project we made today a little early, since it’s an […]

  6. Kate in NJ says:

    Oh, I do hope you feel better!

  7. Piseco says:

    Hope you’re feeling better soon! We did our project early, and used condensed milk and food coloring (oops, food again!) to paint paper eggs.

  8. Ugh, I was SICK too, throwing up Sat night and Sun. I did all our Easter eggs right before it started luckily and today I’m better. Although the thought of eggs still is grossing me out! Sorry to here your Easter was like mine!

  9. […] I thought we could work on a Thankfulness Project. Over on Mom Unplugged the theme for her weekly Unplugged Project was “Eggs”, but as KG and I had already started cutting out the pictures she would use […]

  10. Heather says:

    I hope you feel better soon.

  11. warillever says:

    Hope you feel better soon! I posted pictures of a few eggy things we did this past week. Looking forward to rocks…

  12. Daphne says:

    We’re back on board! I missed Unplugged Mondays so much and it’s great to see everyone else’s adventures with eggs :) See you next week for rocks!

  13. Maddie says:

    I hope you feel better soon, we really miss seeing your great take on each challenge.

  14. TopazTook says:

    Hope you feel better soon. No fun to be sick. My link is at:

  15. Feel better soon!

  16. kristen says:

    Michie sent me here to link to our natural dyes we tried but they weren’t that great. Today we made egg tempra paint and that wasn’t so great either. So maybe my link shoud be -what you shouldn’t bother attempting to do when it’s already done so well!!

  17. This is our first time joining in! Looking forward to Rocks next week!


  18. MatchMomma says:

    I just blogged our project for this week.Fun! Fun! Fun! thanks again for the ideas! Looking forward to rocks.

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