Another TV-Turnoff Week Participant

By , April 9, 2008 2:55 pm

Yesterday I received a great email from “Mom of 2” who has no blog, but would like to join our TV-Turnoff Week Blog Challenge. Here are her goals for the week:


“1) No TV, no DVDs or videos! Yikes! I’ve been relying on it to distract the kiddies so I can get ready for work (hubby’s already left in the wee hours) and he’s using it so he can make dinner in the evening (before I get home). Hubby’s said he’s on board, but I expect I’ll get some grumbling from someone other than the kids before the week is out.

2) No computer for me at home. I’m online all day at work and (obviously, since I’m writing this in the middle of the work day) have some free time to do personal stuff there.

3) No computer for the kids. Shouldn’t be too hard since they rarely use it. Although my 4 y.o. might turn his sights there when he finds out he can’t watch TV…

4) Time rescued from the TV will be spent
– playing with or reading to the kiddies. I hope hubby will join us!
– catching up on my magazines…so many piled up with articles I’d like to read but don’t seem to find time for.
– getting more sleep. Yes, sad to say, I sometimes opt to watch just one more show, even though I know I’ll be more tired and less patient the next day.”


Thank you to “Mom of 2” for joining in the Blog Challenge! If any other blogless readers out there are tempted to join, then please just send me an email like “Mom of 2” did and I’ll publish your thoughts and goals on Unplug Your Kids too!

You can reach me at unplugyourkids “at” gmail “dot” youknowwhat.

Photo thanks to and photographer Clarita.

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