Heifer Project Successful! Thank You!

By , March 15, 2008 5:19 pm

A Heifer International fund raising update:

My daughter’s Montessori class ( 1st-3rd grade) of 20 children raised a total of $1,067 to donate to Heifer International! Each child raised money their own way.

Last semester the class studied basic human needs, and this semester they are studying the continent of Africa. This fund raising project ties in with both those themes.

My daughter (and 5 year-old son) made and sold Christmas ornaments by the side of the road and contributed candy and junky “toys” to their Candy Bank to earn money for the project. In addition to each child’s individual earnings, the class also held a bake sale in the school parking lot (on a very snowy day!!).

I just wanted to post an update about this project since someone out there who knew my address, was so kind as to spread the word and organize contributions from all over the country. Truly amazing!  Thank you again whoever you are!

The class earned nearly double their original goal and instead of buying an animal or two for one family, they are able to fund a project that will help an entire African village.

Your generosity, and that of our local community, makes a HUGE difference. Not only to a village in Africa, but to my daughter and her classmates who now know how good it feels to give and to help others. Thank you!

Photo (Zambia) courtesy of Heifer International.

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  1. TopazTook says:

    That is great that her class was so successful! And the Candy Bank idea is a great one, too (I clicked because I had no idea what you were talking about…but I’m sure I will in the future!) Did you ever review the kids’ giving book you mentioned in the original Candy Bank post? You and your daughter might also be interested in visiting http://www.doinggoodtogether.org. It’s a site dedicated to family volunteering; under the “resources” link, you’ll find book recommendations on a lot of different giving-related topics.

  2. I’m so glad it was a success! What’s the next good cause? I really look forward to doing something like this when my boys are a bit older! Congrats to the class!

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