The Ornament Stand

By , December 19, 2007 9:18 pm

Several weeks ago for an Unplugged Project, we made Christmas ornaments that my 7 year-old daughter intended to sell as part of a class project to raise money for Heifer International. Her plan was to set up an “Ornament Stand” by the side of the road (instead of the classic lemonade stand) and sell her ornaments to make money to contribute to the class Heifer fund.

Well…I give her an A++ for vision and determination because she (and 5 year-old little brother) did it! It was very cold that day, but they sat out there after school for about two and a half hours. I did not interfere, but did hang around outside pretending to garden (in December???) and FROZE TO DEATH while protecting from kidnapping perverts and making sure the baby didn’t run into the road.

They set up two kid tables from the playroom and hung some self-made signs on them. They arranged all the ornaments on trays and even brought out a Heifer catalog that had come in the mail (in case people had questions). Honestly, it was cute beyond words!

We live on a quiet street, especially in the winter since this is mainly a summer community, so only two cars went by in all that time (and tragically didn’t stop). But the neighbor came over, the contractor working on the house next door stopped by, and many of my friends (in fact pretty much ALL my friends, as well as my sister) “just happened” to drive by and stop!

The plan was to try again on a weekend morning since we would probably get a bit more drive-by traffic (and it might be warmer?), but so far the weekends have been snowy and ill-suited to Ornament Stands.

But my daughter is thrilled, because so far she has made $56 all by herself. Today in the car on the way home from school she told me that she wants to “devote her life to helping the poor.” I am NOT making this up!

For the first time ever, I am wildly hoping that this is not “just a phase!” As you moms know, most “phases” are pretty dreadful.

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  1. Lizz says:

    That’s great!

    I’ve got the mistletoe entrepreneurs here at my house. They made $100. last weekend.

  2. Becky @ Boys Rule My Life says:

    That’s outstanding! The whole post and their determination and the sales. Just great! They should be very proud!

  3. Gruppie Girl says:

    What giving babies you have! Congrats to them.

  4. Andamom says:

    That is absolutely wonderful. I’ve been trying to coerce — I mean push my daughter (13-year-old) to volunteer and get engaged in NFP activities. Thus far though, she is less than enthusiastic. I think I’ll show her what your kids did — who are significantly younger!

    I wish that I lived closer because I’d love to make a donation to their Heifer fund. Maybe they can also set up a Heifer registry — and you can post a link here too? (I could contribute to that!)

  5. Rockin' Moroccan Mama says:

    wow, what great kids. That is very rare to find any kids that are giving. You must be proud.

  6. Kate in NJ says:

    That is wonderful!
    I too wish I could “drive by”
    and purchase an ornament!

  7. Andrée says:

    it’s not just a phase. she is going to find some imaginative and valuable way to help when she grows.

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