A Pretty Garden

By , August 26, 2007 10:23 am

So many wonderful things are happening in my garden right now. While gardens in other parts of the country begin to tire at this time of year, gardens in the Southwestern US take off. Monsoon rains bring the much-needed “real” water to the garden. Hose water simply does not produce the same results.

Here are some pictures:

A Hollyhock


Wave Petunias in a flower box…and Pipsqueak


My mixed border finally takes off


Sexy Rexy roses by the front door (surrounded by scented geranium foliage)


California Poppies


The weeds are loving life too


At least many of the weeds are actually lovely wildflowers such as this wild penstemon!

This post is part of The Sunday Garden Tour at A Wrung Sponge.

4 Responses to “A Pretty Garden”

  1. meeyauw says:

    wow those are great shots. Your weeds HA. OK the white one is daisy fleabane OR oxeye daisy? Now the long red one I never saw. It hardly looks wild. It’s exotic. But you aren’t shriveling up at all over there. We still have lots of flowers but it’s almost over.

  2. Jenny says:

    Your flowers are beautiful! I love the mixed border and poppies in particular. And of course the weeds must flourish along with everything else- at least you got some pretty, flowering ones!

  3. Andamom says:

    You know — we went to these lovely gardens on Long Island yesterday… http://www.plantingfields.org/ — It was lovely walking through and taking everything in.

  4. TorAa says:

    Here it is, what we love the best: Flowers; yeah the kind we prefere, and of top of that: What else but a CAT.

    Thanks for sharing

    PS. You can, if you have time though, to very our preferences concering flowers + Cats ; on my humble blog, which, in fact I opend 1 year ago.

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