A Knitting Birthday Party – Unusual Party Ideas

By , June 11, 2008 12:11 pm

Are you tired of birthday parties at the pool, Chuck E. Cheese’s, or the local bowling alley? But perhaps the thought of entertaining a large group of over-excited kids at your house fills you with dread? The solution: Think outside the birthday box.

My good friend Wishy‘s daughter recently had an original and totally fun party at a local knitting store! Her daughter had become fascinated with the idea of learning to knit after watching her aunt knit, and announced that for her 8th birthday she wanted to have a “Knitting Party.”

Wishy was understandably perplexed, but gets a Mom of the Year Award for researching the possibilities instead of just saying with a sinking heart: ” But wouldn’t you rather just go to the pool like last year?” (Like I probably would have done).

She called up our one, tiny local knitting store and asked them if they ever did birthday parties. Well, no they had never done a birthday party, but they said that they thought it sounded fun and would be willing to give it a try.

Ten 7 and 8 year-old girls (including my oldest daughter) went to the party and learned how to knit a book mark. The shop gave each girl needles and yarn and they had three instructors on hand to help the girls. All Wishy had to do was bring the cake, plates, napkins, and drinks.

The girls had a ball and each went home with a completed book mark plus a goody bag put together by the shop containing more needles, two more balls of yarn, the directions for the book mark, and instructions for a pot holder to try at home.

The girls had fun, even the shop-owner claims to have enjoyed it (and hopefully has gained a few future customers), and now ten little girls (and Wishy) know how to knit.

That beats Chuck E. Cheese’s any day!


Other unusual birthday party ideas:

  • A visit to a fire station
  • Visit a zoo, petting zoo, or alpaca farm
  • See if you can tour a movie theater (many will allow school groups to tour, why not a birthday group?)
  • Horse birthday: See if a local riding school or club might allow your group to come and give each child a short, guided ride on a horse around the arena
  • Airport birthday: Visit your local small airport (I’m not talking O’Hare or JFK here). Picnic on the grass and watch the planes take off and land. Better yet, if you know someone who owns a plane, see if your friend would allow the kids to take turns sitting in the pilot’s seat. If your pilot friend has a handheld aviation radio, borrow it and tune it to the local airport frequency (the airport employees or your friend can help you with this) then the kids will be able to hear the pilots talk.
  • Go Geocaching: Pick an easy one and give each child a small object to leave in the cache in exchange for taking one out. (You should probably try finding it on your own first to make sure it is easy enough and to avoid disappointments if it can’t be found).
  • Go Letterboxing: Perhaps the kids could each create their own stamp before heading out to find the box. Be sure to pick an easy one. (Again, better do a trial run on your own first).
  • See if your local pizza parlor would let you bring some kids in for a tour and to make their own pizzas. My daughter’s Brownie Troop did this and the girls loved it.

I’ll post more ideas as I think of them. Do you have any easy but unusual party ideas?


For a charity party idea, please read about my daughter’s Humane Society birthday party.


Cool knitting cake designed, baked and decorated by Wishy’s talented husband! Photo courtesy of Wishy.

13 Responses to “A Knitting Birthday Party – Unusual Party Ideas”

  1. We did a barnyard/pony ride party at a local farm but it was also an option to pay a little more and have the pony brought to our house. That was our only party so far that I didn’t do at our house. We also did a cat & dog party for our son and instead of gifts asked for donations for a shelter (then he delivered everything the next day). Next month I’m combining my son’s 4th and daughter’s 2nd birthday party and its red, white & blue themed since its in July (the weekend after the 4th so I can buy all my decorations and plates cheap). I am very into the party thing!
    Other ideas that aren’t so common are an ice skating party (our local rink offers these) and ceramics painting.

    Heather & Johns last blog post..How to build a snake house

  2. Rebecca says:

    We are having a low tide/beach party at a Seattle-area beach for our 5 year old’s birthday tomorrow. A city naturalist will join us for a bit for only $36 and lead the kids in games and activities as they explore the wonders of the sea at low tide! We weren’t ready to shell out a lot of money for a party, and since our children love the beach this seems like a perfect fit.

  3. Candy Cook says:

    We escape the birthday party norm by going on a camping trip. My oldest boy’s birthday is at the end of May, right after school lets out. My youngest is on the first day of Autumn.. so we open and close our summers with birthday camping. We prefer the natural explorations over having to spend a lot of money or for our sons to collect a bunch of junk they will outgrow in a week LOL

    Candy Cooks last blog post..Dentists & Dads

  4. Anna says:

    We’ve been to a couple non-home birthday parties that I have enjoyed. One was at a local model train store for a 5 yr old girl. They had little train tables set up in the back of the store and the kids could’ve played all day. The other was also a 5th birthday were the parents rented a rec room at a local park. Plenty of room, easy clean up. It was raining so everyone stayed inside and played games. There was an indoor basket ball court for those with a little more energy.

    Annas last blog post..Butterfly Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

  5. Miss 376 says:

    What a fantastic idea. My nine year old son wants to do ceramic painting for his

    Miss 376s last blog post..I need more time!

  6. What a great idea – my girls love to knit and it just takes one time like this to get them hooked! Great post!

  7. Meg says:

    Yay for the geocaching idea! Even better, hide some caches yourself for the kids to find with treats inside! I hid some for my nephew (age 11) in our yard…they were film canisters with dollar bills inside. You would have thought it was a million bucks!

    Megs last blog post..Something’s In My Shoe

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  10. Samm says:

    Thanks for sharing. This is indeed one of the best birthday ideas i’ve come across. Now i wish i have a girl. Dont think my boys will enjoy a trip to the yarn store with me. I’ll definitely share this idea with my readers.

    Samms last blog post..Malcolm’s multi-colored striped pants in Victoria yarn – Progress 4

  11. I think it’s an interesting idea. One idea would be to create a wish list for all attending party goers, and fill that list with knitting related items for gifts.

  12. Bonnie says:

    Great site!! You have made some very interesting suggestions! I know I get tired of going to Chucky Cheese for various grandchildrens’ birthdays. Must try some of your ideas for the next few!!

  13. I am actually settng up a knitting party business, have already done so at work, and now that is expanding (no charges here). I want to do parties at people’s homes and teach them to knit. I am interested in the child’s party, could you give an idea of what you paid per child which included lessons, and the goodie bags?

    Thanks for sharing!

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