The Moon Unplugged? Not For Me!!

By , August 27, 2007 9:52 pm

My second grade daughter came home from school today positively vibrating with excitement at the prospect of viewing the total lunar eclipse tonight.

I should have been overjoyed by my child’s excitement at the chance to observe first-hand a scientific wonder, a miracle of nature, becoming one with the universe for the very first time, etc. etc. etc. I should also have mentally applauded her new teacher for managing to instill in my daughter this voracious hunger for learning more about our universe.

My real mental first response: “Huh? Doesn’t all that happen at night? When I am enjoying my blessed few hours of solitude, comfortably asleep in my warm bed? Doesn’t it happen outside…where it is, well…cold? WHAT WAS MR. N. THINKING???”

My next thought was: “Can’t we just watch it online in the morning? Plus it’ll go faster and we won’t have to sit there for the full three and a half hours. We can’t Tivo or time lapse the real thing, plus we’ll freeze to death and be tired and crabby. With a time lapse webcam we could see the whole three and a half hours in about 20 seconds…and still get our sleep!”

I am ashamed of myself. Mom Unplugged indeed. Lover of nature and the outdoors, devoted to my children’s education…and it actually occurred to me to watch this great natural spectacle online in fast forward!! Or maybe on YouTube, like this version of the total lunar eclipse that occurred back in March.

I have reached a three-part mental compromise:

1) There are three skylights over my bed. If I wake up in the night and see the moon through the skylights, I will get my daughter and we can watch from the warmth of my bed. (In other words…she will be educated while I sleep. What could be better?)

2) If the moon decides to be stubborn and not position itself conveniently over my bed for its eclipse, then I will conduct a scientific analysis of the apparent cloud cover mathematically combined with my state of alertness, and then decide whether or not to get up and search for that naughty, uncooperative moon. (In other words…I might get to sleep. Hey, it might even be too cloudy!)

3) I sleep through the whole thing and I will have earned myself yet another Mom of the Year Award (In other words…I get to sleep, but with a guilty conscience.)

Some lunar eclipse links:

NASA’s Lunar Eclipse Page

Lunar Eclipses for Beginners

Eclipse Photos: Mr. Eclipse Photo Index

And finally…for those Poser Unplugged Moms like I evidently am, there is this link with instructions on where to go online to find that perfect, “virtual eclipse:”

Watch a Virtual Eclipse

5 Responses to “The Moon Unplugged? Not For Me!!”

  1. Jenny says:

    I wanted to see the eclipse too, but not enough to watch the entire thing. We (as in my husband and I…not CJ!) woke up at 5 and watched it for awhile that way. He tried to get some pictures of it with out digital camera, but they didn’t turn out. I hope you and your daughter got to see it- it was quite a sight!

  2. CelticMommy says:

    So… did you stay awake?

  3. meeyauw says:

    This is so funny. I remember hoping for clouds, too, when the kids were little. I would be esctatic over rain at eclipse time. And for the same reasons. I always figured photos were clearer anyhow. And they could slog out in the cold, buggy darkness when they were independent!

    We get tired out, you know!

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