Happy Holidays!!
(“…brought to you by ___”)

By , December 3, 2008 8:03 pm

This is a post I should have written about two months ago. Two months ago when all the cheap plastic decorations first made their way into the supermarkets, Walmarts, Kmarts and Any-Other-Marts in the United States. Here in the U.S., shoppers have been regaled with muzak versions of The Little Drummer Boy and Silent Night since well before Halloween (October 31st) this year.

Now that we have finally gotten that pesky little Thanksgiving holiday over with, the commercial Christmas onslaught can begin in earnest.

On my Thanksgiving cross-country trip, I realized what I have been missing without TV for all these years. Ads. Hundreds and thousands of ads promising me the best Christmas ever (what is that anyway?) if only I purchase a new Best Buy flat screen TV, or Macy’s cashmere sweater, or Zales diamond necklace, or _______ (insert advertised product in blank) for my loved one.

I had forgotten what it was like. Although I had a fabulous trip, I was quite relieved when I was finally home and able to retreat to the refuge of my quiet house to end the commercial attack on my psyche.

And here comes the part that I should have written about three months ago when I first detected the initial stirrings of faux holiday jolliness in the stores:

Since many readers are probably new to Unplug Your Kids, I should let you all know that last year while suffering a holiday existential crisis, I wrote a series of posts entitled Christmas/Holidays Unplugged in which I explored alternatives to the traditional American commercial holiday experience.

I know it is a bit late now that December is already here, but if anyone is in need of a bit of inspiration, or encouragement, or alternative holiday ideas, then hopefully you might enjoy some of these posts.

I have listed them all here and linked to them so you can click on what sounds interesting to you. I hope that someone will find this helpful! 

(Also:  If you find a topic interesting, be sure to read the comments too since readers often left their own wonderful insights and suggestions.)

1) Merry Christmas

2) Unplug The Christmas Machine (a book review – very inspirational book if you are disillusioned with Christmas/Hanukkah)

3) Making a List and Checking it Twice (what does your holiday really mean to you?)

4) Holiday Prep – Part 1 (Introduction)

5) Holiday Prep – Part 2: Help! Holiday Prep Makes Me Miserable!!

6) Holiday Prep – Part 3: Help! I Love Doing it All, But How Can I Find Time to Do it?

7) Celebrating Advent

8) Commercialism in Your Mailbox?

9) A Holiday Linky Assortment

10) The Great Christmas Tree Dilemma (Real? Fake? Living? What else?)

11) Buy Handmade

12) Donate this Year Instead of Gifts

13) Santa Lists and Sponge Bob (dealing with kids’ gift requests)

14) Combating Commercials (fighting the effects of toy ads)

15) Help!  Too Much Stuff!! (ideas for cutting down on the amount of “stuff”)

16) A Post as Small as a Stocking Stuffer (“nice toy” stocking stuffer ideas)

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3 Responses to “Happy Holidays!!
(“…brought to you by ___”)”

  1. Summer says:

    Thanks for sharing these old posts, now I’ve got reading material. :) We’re doing a toy-free Christmas in our house. That with the lack of cable and it’s the first Christmas I feel really at peace.

    Summers last blog post..Parenting on Twitter – Top 25 Moms Who Tweet

  2. KateinNJ says:

    We almost never hit the stores, so I didn’t get over done yet on the decor or music. I would love to cancel cable, well actually I’d like to go back to paying $20.00 a month and not having commercials. ;-)

    KateinNJs last blog post..Deck the Halls !

  3. Dawn says:

    Thanks for all the old posts. We do a much more simple Christmas than most Americans and it is so nice and peaceful. We are doing Advent this year and the kids get to unwrap one of our Christmas books for us to read as a family each night. The kids are loving this and once I had 24 books (mostly from yard sales, past years and given to us as gifts) I never have to buy them again. I just put them away after Christmas and wrap them back up for next year. Love it. We are also doing a hands on Charity each week. All this is having the affect I wanted. The kids are talking more about the advent book than what will be under the tree and are talking about next weeks charity instead of why Christmas is taking soooo lonnng to get here.

    Dawns last blog post..Friday Show and Tell~ Our tree and the First Week of Advent

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