Donate this Year Instead of Gifts (Christmas/Holidays Unplugged)

By , December 1, 2007 12:14 pm

My last few posts have been all about Holiday shopping. If you really want to pare down your Holidays and return to the basic spirit of it all, you could consider giving to a charity in someone’s name rather than buying a gift.

Jules at recently wrote a really great post, Donating is the True Spirit of the Season, listing links to 37 worthy organizations and a brief description of what that charity does. Please read her list. I can also add a few from my left sidebar:

Darfur Stoves (provides more efficient stoves for Darfur refugees thereby dramatically reducing the frequency of women’s dangerous excursions outside the camp to collect firewood)

Best Friends Animal Society (No-kill shelter and permanent Utah sanctuary for stray, unadoptable and rescued animals of all kinds)

Also: Sponsor a specific Best Friends shelter pet as a holiday gift:



Half the Sky Foundation (Donations provide full-time nannies for infants in Chinese orphanages, help build preschools in Chinese orphanages and train preschool teachers, provide educational opportunities for older orphans to enable them to make their way in the world, and Family Villages where children with medical and developmental issues can live in a real home with permanent, loving families)

Humane Society of the United States (or your local Humane Society or ASPCA)

Or shop for gifts at the HSUS online store:


Or the ASPCA online store.


My Stuff Bags Foundation (Provide bags containing stuffed animals, blankets, and other comfort items for children displaced by abuse, neglect, or natural disaster)


National Wildlife Federation (protecting wildlife and the environment)


A children’s hospital such as Phoenix Children’s or St. Jude’s.


Make-A-Wish Foundation (Grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses)

– I personally know a family whose little boy with terminal cancer was given a trip to Hawaii via Make-A-Wish. An amazing organization. There are local chapters to donate to also.

It is impossible to list every charity. I can think of many others and I am sure you can too. But if you wish, feel free to add any in the comments that are not on Andamom’s list, or in this post.

My best advice is to think of a cause that really means something to you or your intended recipient, then Google for related charities. I am sure you’ll find several to choose from!

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  1. Lizz says:

    How nice. This warms my heart in a big way.

  2. says:

    I just wanted to thank you for posting this link. Hopefully people do realize that giving to others is the best gift of all.

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  4. mel says:

    Charity Navigator ( is a great resource for checking out the organizational efficiency, organizational capacity, and financial management of a charity you are interested.

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