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By , June 20, 2008 9:51 am

You probably already knew that you could opt out of catalogs, but did you know that you can also opt out of receiving phone books?

Thanks so much to Hettie of Celtic Mommy for emailing me this link:


I am an active CatalogChoice participant, but the phone book thing is going to be harder for me to adopt. I am old-fashioned I guess, and for some reason I like having my local phone numbers all there in a book in my desk drawer.

However I do live in a small area and my single phonebook (white and yellow pages combined) is only about an inch thick! If I was in New York City, or LA where my phone books weighed more than my oldest child, I would be ever so eager to rid myself of them forever!

But do we really need to have numerous phone books dumped at our door several times per year? I would prefer to call and ask for a book every year or two…or better yet, get used to finding my information paperlessly, online.

Of course phone books are a great source of advertising revenue for phone companies and other private companies that compile directories, so they won’t easily cease distribution. That is why if this cause is important to you, then help spread the word that such an option is available.

Here are some facts (according to YellowPagesGoesGreen):

To produce 500 million books:

  • 19 million trees need to be harvested
  • 1.6 billion pounds of paper are wasted
  • 7.2 million barrels of oil are misspent in their processing (not including the wasted gas used for their delivery to your doorstep)
  • 268,000 cubic yards of landfill are taken up
  • 3.2 billion kilowatt hours of electricity are squandered

Be sure to check out the YellowPagesGoesGreen links page too.

I am off to sign up now to opt out of my little phone book and begin changing my habits to a paper-free phone life!

5 Responses to “Opt Out of Your Phone Books”

  1. bobbie says:


    this was my entry about what we call in australia “junk Mail” we have now been 6 months junk mail free… it is quite liberating not to look in catalogues- you dont know what sales you are missing!! the only thing we miss? pizza coupons!! and my 5 year old daughter was the one that instigated it

    bobbies last blog post..I have Been Busy…

  2. Stacy says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For years I”ve been hoping for a way to opt out of our phone books. We crack one open maybe twice a year if that. Most of them I just put straight in our recycling bin.

    Stacys last blog post..For some reason…

  3. […] Opt Out of Your Phone Books […]

  4. nina says:

    Thanks! I just signed up for removal. I hope it works. Count me in as a Green Nut. lol

    ninas last blog post..A visit to the botanical garden

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