An Open Letter

By , June 21, 2008 10:17 am

This is a comment I received this morning from “Greg Fillibuster” on my perfectly innocuous (or so I thought) Opt Out of Your Phone Books post:

“Everyone needs to get their facts straight.
Ever heard of lumber? Do trees grow in 2 x 4’s?
what happens to the rest of the tree once you have taken out the 2 X 4’s?
Paper Pulp. If not paper, this would go to the landfill.
Once a directory is used it can be recycled. Firms making insulation cannot get enough recycled phone books.
Insulation cuts down on energy used for heat.
What about the 87% of households that used a phone book last year. You Green nuts need to get your facts correct.”


Dear Mr. Fillibuster,

Before leaving a comment, especially an unpleasant reactionary one, please read the post.

1) First, THE SERVICE is for those who do not want 50 lbs of paper dumped on their doorstep several times a year.

  • I am not saying that phonebooks are bad and that no one needs them, I am simply saying that I should not have to be forced to waste my gas and my time to drive my 50 lbs of paper to the recycling bin so that it can be nicely recycled into insulation. Why not give those people the paper in the first place without wasting everyone’s time and gas getting giving it to me when I don’t want it.
  • This service allows people who don’t use phone books to have the choice to opt out. Those who do use them can still get their phone books. Obviously many people still use phone books. Not everyone has internet access. That is fine. I just don’t want one more than every two years or so, but that is my choice and I am pleased to finally have that choice
  • By the way, the service doesn’t guarantee non-delivery of phone books. It simply forwards requests to the phone company and it is up to them to act upon that request.

2) RECYCLING: Yes, phonebooks can be recycled but I would wager that the majority of people don’t waste their time and gas to drive them to the recycling bin. Do you?

3) FACTS: As for my environmental “facts,” I did list the source of those facts (I did not see the source of your “facts”). If you believe them to be incorrect, then please take the issue up with YellowPagesGoGreen, not with me. By the way, I thought that paper pulp came from paper which came from trees. And lumber, isn’t that wood that came from trees too? Silly me!

4) “GREEN NUTS”: As for your reference to “green nuts,” I am not quite sure what you mean. Pistachios perhaps? Last I checked, I was not a pistachio, nor am I the color green. Silly me again!

5) A bit of advice: Anger and name calling really detract from your message. If you want people to give more serious consideration to what you have to say, I would advise you to tone down your delivery just a tad.

Finally, I do hope your day improves because you must be having a very bad one if you have nothing better to do than leave unpleasant comments on innocent people’s blogs on a Saturday morning.

Peace and love to you Mr. Fillibuster,


Ms. Pistachio


By the way, thanks to all the people out there who make blogging a pleasant experience. I blog to relax, not to have my blood pressure raised. Some people like controversy on their blogs and that is OK. That has never been me (I have only ever “ranted” once, OK – now maybe twice!). I am non-confrontational in life and on my blog. I just want to say what I have to say and if people like it, they can come back. If they don’t, they can go away.

And yes, I hit delete on that comment above so you will not find it at the phonebook post. And by the way, that is the only comment I have ever deleted because it angered me.

But my blog is not a democracy, nor is it a dumping ground for other people’s anger. It is mine. I control what is published on here. For those who have no kind words to say, then please go away. It sounds corny, but I want to spread good feelings, not bad.

99% of the comments I get are great, keep them coming! Thank you!

15 Responses to “An Open Letter”

  1. Shannon says:

    I just wanted to thank you for your phone book post, which I bookmarked right away. Why don’t I like the phone book? Because it’s more unwanted clutter coming into my house. I think I get 4-6 phone books a year, and I don’t need any of them. Your blog provides me with great resources and ideas–keep on writing and don’t let one guy with a chip on his shoulder get you down!

    Shannons last blog post..Fight Indoor Air Pollution! Air Out Your House

  2. Amy says:

    Thanks for keeping up with this issue. The fact is, so many of us don’t even USE the phone books that they’re just waste. It’s like subscribing to a newspaper that you never read. I always check phone numbers, addresses, etc. online simply because that’s my habit. Why should I have a phone book around if I’m not going to to use it?

  3. Jenny says:

    Good for you! We get a giant phone book for the metro area at least once a year, along with a multitude of others for various suburbs that we NEVER use- they just take up unwanted space in my kitchen! I guess some people have nothing better to do than spread meanness on other people’s blogs. Way to stick up for yourself, and keep up the good work from a fellow pistachio. :o)

    Jennys last blog post..Surprise!

  4. Steph says:


    I despise finding yet ANOTHER phone book sitting on my doorstep. We get several every year, and we do not use any of them. A lot of resources are being used to produce, deliver, and recycle phone books that are not being used.

    Sure, if you want a phone book, you should have a phone book. Personally, I don’t need any, let alone eight. Someday phone books will be a thing of the past. Thanks for the link to opt out, I will be doing so!

  5. Oh, my, goodness! I think you handled that really well. Some people have way too much time on their hands. Sorry you had to deal with that. We don’t even have phone books here in Taiwan, and sometimes I wish they did, but mostly I don’t! Thanks for providing alterntatives for people who don’t want unwanted books showing up on their doorsteps.

    Julie K in Taiwans last blog post..Kiddos

  6. Kayris says:

    I do actually us my phonebook, it’s one of the things that keeps me offline. But I don’t need five of them, or a specific directory for my city. One is fine, nor do I need a new one every year.

    We have curbside pickup, so we easily recycle ours.

    Mr. Fillibuster will likely not be back. Internet trolls rarely are. But thanks for your pointed response!

    Kayriss last blog post..Don’t Brush Curly Hair: Photographic Proof

  7. Andrée says:

    I’m afraid I don’t recycle phone books. And for some reason, we get like six a year. All really skinny ones, but still, I don’t know why. Next time I go to recycling I’ll ask if they take them. And I’ll look inside the phone books to see what they suggest, too.

    What a negative guy that commentor was.

    Andrées last blog post..Camera Critters: Farmer Bob’s Heifers: Red

  8. Dana says:

    I thought your reply was great. And, I love what you said about this being YOUR blog: “But my blog is not a democracy, nor is it is not a dumping ground for other people’s anger. It is mine. I control what is published on here. ” I have only gotten 2 negative comments on my blog – one I deleted, and the other is still there. But, I think I’ll go delete it! I want my blog to be a friendly place that brings me happiness – and those who read it, too!

    Thanks for what you are doing with “unplugged.” I recently found your blog through someone doing your challenges and my daughter and I did 2 of her activities today. It was so much fun! We are trying to get more & more “unplugged!”

    Danas last blog post..Looking Back at 2005…

  9. live4evermom says:

    All I can say is way to go! Oh and I love that delete button. I used it this week and it feels good. Outa sight and outa mind and on to happier things. Love your blog. Keep it coming.

  10. Meg says:

    I feel your pain on receiving such a comment…don’t despair. Believe me, your nasty commentor is in the minority. A reasonable (and nice!) person could have written a reply to your blog with his/her opinions without being nasty. The funny thing I was thinking as I read it was, “Hey…without the nasty tone, this person could have had a very nice, intelligent conversation with you!” But it was ruined by an ugly tone of voice.

    Thanks for putting yourself out there.

    Megs last blog post..Unplugged Project – Old

  11. Candy Cook says:

    Thanks for telling me I can opt out of the phone book delivery. I don’t even have a telephone connection with the phone company that delivers phone books to my house. I thought the fact that I don’t subscribe to their service would be enough to prevent having those phone books piling up in my garage.

    As for the rude commenter, it’s pretty obvious that they didn’t thoroughly read your post. I thought the post was enlightening and useful.. Mom Unplugged was clearly trying to provide information that will help many people declutter, in addition to ending a waste of paper, gas, and the time of persons delivering the books to homes and the persons delivering them to the recycle bin or garbage dump.

    Thanks again, Mom Unplugged, for a very informative post.

    Candy Cooks last blog post..Cricket "Callers"

  12. Tina says:

    Oh my ! Good for you! We got 6 phone books this year. I complained and the response was why are you complaining , its free. Sigh….

    Tinas last blog post..Unplugged "Old"

  13. Celtic Mommy says:

    Wow, I’m so sorry about that! I think you handled it just excellently. Everyone else has said it all. :-) Very calm and gracious answer.

    Celtic Mommys last blog post..Culture Crawl LA

  14. Christina says:

    Way to post on the phone book issue- I wasn’t really affected by it either way, but its nice to know the service exists! I especially liked the way you handled the negative commentor with candor and diplomatic grace! Whenever I get comments like that on my personal, also-innocent blog, I usually delete them point blank…maybe I should respond in such a calm and even-mannered tone like you! Kudos on Unplugged- I love it and keep posting about what you love!

  15. We’ve only had one grumpy person write a mean post to us (in reply to my husband’s post about letting the kids push the buttons on all the singing skeletons at our store last fall). I think your blog is great, its one of the only 2 that I visit regularly.

    Heather & Johns last blog post..T-Ball & Air Show

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