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By , April 28, 2008 3:20 am

I sit here at 2:53 AM on April 28th. Turnoff Week ended here in Arizona exactly 2 hours and 53 minutes ago. Insomnia combined with an urgent need for a cup of tea means that I am getting the new Mr. Linky up in a very timely manner!

If you joined in with the 2nd Annual TV-Turnoff Week Blog Challenge, this is where you get to link to your final post. On Tuesday, May 6th I will announce two completely random winners from everyone who finished the challenge and linked to their final post here. Someone will win a complete set of The Adventures of Billy Brown audio plays, and another randomly lucky participant will receive a $10 Amazon gift certificate.

So…how did it go? Come on, ‘fess up! Tell us all about it. If it didn’t go as well as you had hoped, PLEASE don’t beat yourself up over it, but learn from your experience. What would you do differently next time? What worked? What didn’t? If it went better than expected, then we want to hear all about that too. What worked? What didn’t?

So…are you going to rush off and subscribe to 700 additional channels… or are you going to toss your TV and computer permanently out the window…or something in between?

(Please leave a comment too so we can all still find you if Mr. Linky goes AWOL.)

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  2. Dave Orsborn says:

    A pretty good week- traveling and outstanding weather helped keep the TV at arms-length.

  3. Nicole says:

    Ok I am not sure why it says tea for health remedies. The link is right though. Is there anyway to fix it?

  4. cloudscome says:

    We did pretty good during the week but watched some videos on the weekends. I was weak! Here’s my post.

  5. It was a good week, and much easier than I thought it would be. I missed my computer time most of all — but it was good to take a break!

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  7. Amanda says:

    Overall, a wonderful experience. I think we will make it an annual event. We definitely learned that even though we seem to need it a little bit, we can really connect as a family without it.

  8. CC says:

    So enjoyed the challenge!

  9. PJ says:

    Incredibly useful but oh so glad it’s over! Here’s my post:

  10. Yarrow says:

    Had to add to my comment earlier. My two boys, previously TV addicted, returned home from school today and have yet to ask to watch TV! My three year old, asked twice and once the TV was on, promptly went elsewhere and began playing very imaginatively. This is so great! I am so glad that we took the challenge. Thanks mom unplugged!

  11. Kayris says:

    I learned a lot, and we’ll definitely be going for something in the middle. My son didn’t seem to miss television, but I definitely missed my computer time. It’ll be a few days before my post is up.

  12. Deneal says:

    We did it!! Yahoo! We haven’t turned it back on either. We’ll see how long it will last. I noticed that my usually bouncing 4yo came over for spontaneous hugs and snuggles a lot more often. If that’s a side-effect of unplugging then I say it’s definitely worth it!

  13. singandtwirl says:

    Hello Unplugged,
    Yes, the computer was hard because the lines are fuzzy….what’s for work and what’s just wasting time….I actually posted a clip on my blog about music in Venezuela and some friends wagged their fingers at me for putting TV on the blog! There was even a commercial in front of the video. What to do? The video topic was so beautiful that I just made the executive decision. Anyway my daughter caught me in Target “watching” the new TVs….well, actually I was analyzing to see if I could figure out what exactly their marketing tactic was…..

  14. Aimee says:

    Overall, a great week! We didn’t miss the TV that much, but I definitely missed the computer time and the inspiration I gain from it.

  15. We had ups and downs, but overall a good shot. Life kind of took over during the week, but I’ve got some ideas of where I want to go with it all.
    Thanks for hosting!

  16. I enjoyed the challenge even though I slipped on Friday night! It was a good week overall. Thanks for doing this.

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  19. asrais says:

    Wrap up finally up. Nothing earth shattering, just more awareness. and snow.

  20. Jenny says:

    How cool that so many people participated! What you’re doing with the Challenge is really a great thing. While we didn’t technically participate, I was mindful all week of what we both watched. CJ ended up watching one 30-minute DVD and a few episodes of Kipper off YouTube- not too bad! I think we can keep that up. :o)

  21. Sara says:

    It was pretty cool, and we did a lot better than I thought we would.

  22. We did pretty well.

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