Hopes and Dreams…

By , April 8, 2008 6:46 am

Thanks to all so far who have taken the plunge and decided to join the 2nd Annual TV-Turnoff Week Blog Challenge. If you have ever toyed with the idea of unplugging, even just some of the time, now is a great time to try it out. As a group we can support each other and share our experiences. Plus, it just might be fun!

Everyone who has joined so far has put up their first post about the challenge, and their goals. I had better hurry up and make my goals public too, so here they are:

1) No TV (not hard since we receive exactly zero channels), no DVDs or videos (not hard since my children rarely ask to watch any, and I haven’t watched one myself in well over a year).

2) No computer for the kids (not hard since my daughter rarely uses it and my son is banned from the computer until he is 6 – he banged the screen of my old MacBook with a toy car and ruined it, the display looked like there was ink running down the inside, wild!).

3) Minimal computer for Mom (ie. me). What????? HELLLPPPPPP!!!!!! I would say NO computer, but I have the Blog Challenge to run, right? However I will write draft posts ahead of time so as to limit my online time to one hour per day after the kids have gone to bed. I will check my email in the morning and the evening. I will not obsessively check my stats.

4) Instead of being online, I will attempt to accomplish the following:

– Sorting and arranging that pit which we call “the playroom.” This shall include the elimination of many unloved toys who shall be sent to find better homes via the school garage sale fundraiser.

– Read one of the books that is gathering dust on my nightstand.

– Spend more time outside and begin to get the garden in order for the summer.

– Play more with my children: board games, art, read-alouds, etc.

– Study my aviation books (I am a pilot and am finally getting back into flying after a seven year hiatus).

– Get out my flute and recorders and play.

There. Easy right? I’ll be sure to let you all know! Check out the other participants’ posts to see what they hope to accomplish during TV Turnoff week.

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  1. Nicole says:

    It sounds like our goals are very much alike it seems. Since we are thinking of getting rid of our TV all together we decided to try a whole month of being unplugged and started today. I just posted about some of the fun things we did.

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