Some More Toy Shopping Temptations…

By , November 30, 2007 10:46 pm

A couple more Unplugged Toy Stores I have found:

Kid Bean (Organic and vegan toys, clothing and products) – TOYS: Wooden toys, cooperative games, organic cotton stuffed toys and dolls, and arts and crafts supplies.

The Silly Wagon (Boutiquey-type stuff: clothing, toys, decor, accessories, etc.) – TOYS: Wooden toys, arts and crafts, plush and handcrafted. (Exudes a bit of a trendy boutique air, but I thought some of the prices weren’t too bad compared to similar items at other stores, and there were some toys and clothes that I would buy).

Palumba (Natural and Waldorf toys) – TOYS: Large assortment of wood toys, playsilks, dolls, pretend play, arts and crafts, etc.

Gosh, there are really a lot of stores out there, but some of them are just too style-conscious or too expensive for me. If I can’t find a toy that I would buy at the price they are asking, then it doesn’t make my cut. If I feel that it is all more about “trendy baby/mama” then it doesn’t make it either.

Be sure to check for coupon codes here before considering any purchase!

4 Responses to “Some More Toy Shopping Temptations…”

  1. Jenny says:

    Stop, stop! I’m paralyzed with all these choices! ;o)

  2. Woodmouse says:

    Wait, you forgot! If you are looking for affordable and eco-friendly and handmade and USA made and Mama made (!) you can find tons of sellers there who make lovely toys. Other than making my own toys I’ve purchased toys from etsy sellers exclusively this year and have had all good experiences.

  3. The Not Quite Crunchy Parent says:

    I like that comment about “trendy baby moms”. That is very true for many of the organic/natural items. This is however a process that all new trends must go through…after the trendoids embrace an item it eventually goes mainstream…so it looks good for we average next year perhaps we’ll find great toys at WalMart…in the meantime I’m sticking with tried and true favorites like Plan Toys which are reasonably priced.

  4. Mom Unplugged says:

    Hi MC (Not Quite Crunchy Parent),
    That is a very good point about the “trendoids” ushering things into the mainstream. Let’s hope that that is true. Meanwhile, I, like you will refuse to pay $120 for the “perfect organic wool, designer-created teddy bear.”

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