The Rapture

By , September 4, 2007 10:14 am

This morning I opened my eyes to heavenly music, choirs of angels, and a feeling of my soul being lifted out of my body toward paradise above! My bedroom was even illuminated with a warm, golden glow. Was I on drugs? Did I die in my sleep? Was it The Rapture? No. It was THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!

My second-grade daughter started school two weeks ago, which left my kindergarten son home alone with the baby and me. I wish I could say that he spent his days engaging in quality, unplugged learning activities such as practicing his readers, building architectural masterpieces out of his blocks, running wild outside observing nature.

In fact, most of his time was spent rolling around in the middle of the living room floor with a bungee cord, getting up every now and then to tie certain oddly assorted objects together. Despite my repeated suggestions of fun things to do (mostly involving being in a place other than right in the middle of the living room floor), he preferred to just lie around with his bungee cord.

What is it with boys and tying things up anyhow? Is it just my son whose favorite toys are bungee cords, string, jump ropes, and dog leashes? Should I worry about what this means for his future? I suspect he is actually just being that mysterious creature that we call “a boy.”

As fascinating as it is to watch a 5 year-old lie around on the living room floor for two weeks, I have to make that dreadful confession: HOORAY FOR SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! My hat is off to all you homeschool parents out there, and I know that there are a lot of you. How on Earth do you do it?

As a punishment for publicly outing myself as a Bad Mom, the baby has decided to spoil the tranquil day I had planned, by being in her very worst mood ever. Oh well. That will teach me to be honest in the future, won’t it!

Painting by Peter Paul Rubens, “The Exchange of Princesses(c. 1622-1625) from the Marie de Medici Cycle. Louvre, Paris. From Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. TorAa says:

    Hurraay for school. So says Anna as well. She works as a teacher. But I have to go on work too – may be I should stay at home – playing with our kids – who is no Cats – as our human kids all 4 are 30 plus.

    btw a message:
    Mieeuw – Part 2 is posted,
    Stompa and his Cousins

  2. Luna says:

    Oh, I´m too late again for cot….
    Funny kittie photos.
    Interesting story today. My 7years old son had his first schoolday on monday. In Germany the kids first come to school with 6-7 years.
    The days before he spent in his room with his Spongebob Radioplay cartridge and his Lego toys and lying around….

  3. CelticMommy says:

    Congratulations!! With all that amazing time on your hands, you’ll get to sleep in, get everything done and immaculately clean, bake some bread, write a masterpiece… oh wait, I’m stil in dreamland too! ;-) Haha!

    Seriously though, I love having my 1 and 3 y.o.’s home with me…. but I’m still counting the days til kindergarten!

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