Karma Coaching Cards

By , August 3, 2007 10:33 pm

The idea behind these cards is to help kids learn the pleasures of positive actions. I am not a baby flashcard kind of person, but since my 6 year-old daughter is so into the Sweet Dreams Cards, I thought she might like these. She does! We do a Sweet Dreams Card before bed, and a Karma Card in the morning.

The idea is that a child chooses a card and does what the card says. Some examples are: “Choose one of your toys to donate to a charity,” and “find a penny dated the year of your birth and give it away to someone special.”

Most of the cards spread kindness to others, or help you feel better about yourself. Several are merely useful in a more practical sense, such as practicing a family fire drill, or learning the words to your national anthem.

If you are interested, there are also adult Karma Cards with different themes. I have not looked at any of these others, but please check the Karma Coaching Cards website if you want to see what else they offer.

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