Once Upon a Time, the End – Asleep in 60 Seconds (Geoffrey Kloske & Barry Blitt)

By , August 2, 2007 9:48 pm

What exhausted parent hasn’t had a sinking heart when their wide-awake little darling’s bedtime request is a story whose length rivals that of War and Peace! Who hasn’t skipped a few words here and there, or had a few pages “accidently” stick together? If you recognize this scenario, then this is the bedtime book for you.

Classic fairy tales and stories are amusingly trimmed to the bare minimum and end somehow with a “sleep” theme. The extremely short stories are embedded within a familiar narrative of a tired Dad trying to get his child to sleep. You can either read this whole book, or if you really want to keep it brief, just pick out one or two of the individual stories.

The kids really get the humor here, and grownups laugh too. By the way, the illustrations are just as entertaining as the text. Thanks again to my friend Wishy for another stellar book recommendation!

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