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By , August 2, 2007 11:35 am

The subtitle of this game is “Bingo With A Zing!” It really is a simple version of bingo that kids ages 4 to 8 can play by themselves (always a plus in my opinion).

Last year someone gave us a real bingo set. It turns out that my kids LOVE BINGO! Bingo is a great learning game, but the real thing takes a long time and requires considerable parental involvement at this age. That is why I thought we could try this for those days when no parent has the time/energy to bring out the “real” bingo. The kids love the Zingo version too.

Kids match plastic picture tiles (also have words on them for learning purposes) with pictures/words on their card until they get a “Zingo.” Cards have two sides allowing for more or less competition among players. There are options for varying the game depending upon the skill-level and attention-span of the players. Since pictures as well as words are on the tiles, non-readers and early-readers can play too.

I should also mention that one of the most fun aspects for kids is “The Zinger.” The tiles are stacked in a sort-of sliding box (“The Zinger”) and the dealer slides it forward to reveal the tiles underneath. Everyone wants a turn as dealer!

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  1. T Struck says:

    Zingo is one of our favorite games to play. My 6 year old twins like it as well as my 2 year old.


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