Wooden Ramp Racer

By , May 25, 2007 8:45 pm

We have an old version of the Maxim Ramp Racer that I found on Ebay about five years ago. It has only four levels and the ramps are straight with no bumps. There is just one “lane,” so only one car can be launched at a time.

My kids (girl, boy, and baby girl) have LOVED this ever since I first got it. The cars go speeding down the track and drop down onto the level below with a satisfying “click, clack.” It is really quite fascinating to watch, and listen to. My only criticism was that it would have been more fun with parallel tracks so kids could really race the little wooden cars to see who wins.

I decided to feature this toy on my blog and searched for it on Amazon only to find – the Deluxe Ramp Racer! This one has five levels, wavy tracks, and two lanes (hooray!) for real racing! I am so excited that I may have to upgrade to this version for our next family birthday.

This toy is all wood, including the cars. Ours has seen some very rough times but has never broken so I can certainly attest to its durability.

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