Cranium Cariboo

By , February 27, 2007 7:20 pm

Cranium games are fun and educational, although some of them do require batteries and make noise. Cariboo is a quiet one that seems to be quite fascinating to preschoolers and young children.

Kids must match cards to the flaps on the game, then open the appropriate flap with the “magic” key in the hopes of finding a ball. Once all six balls have been found, then the treasure chest will open.

Teaches letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. Play time is short enough for little attention spans and no reading skills are required. It can also be played as a cooperative game if you prefer.

My kids even enjoy just sitting and opening flaps for fun. Hey, anything that keeps them occupied, right?

A multiple award winner. Check out the Cranium website for more info on their award winning games as well as some great family fun ideas.

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