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By , November 8, 2008 10:21 pm

Yes, I am still alive. The blog has been silent this week, which means that my life has not. 

There has been Brownies, Cub Scouts, Music Together, a field trip to the Waste Water Treatment Plant, and various volunteering activities at school … plus don’t forget the never-ending laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, and tidying.  I am pretty sure you all are familiar with this situation.

I even missed the semi-annual Blog Blast For Peace for the first time in a year and a half (sorry Mimi!).

Tidying has been particularly intense the past few days.  The contractor completed the last stage of replacing the carpet with wood floor.  This time it was the older kids’ rooms and the stairs.

This meant that the copious contents of the two oldest children’s rooms were regurgitated all over the bottom floor of the house.  I am faced with a complete and utter disaster.  If a tornado had hit, it could not possibly have been worse.

Clutter makes me mad, so my only option was to attack it all today (my first day free of other activities) or “go postal.”

So far I have gotten rid of four garbage bags of trash, plus a large box for the thrift store (the kids keep taking things out of it though, so that part is still under negotiation).

I am tired and grumpy, but after much quality time and “help” (or not) from my three children,  I leave you with this deeply philosophical thought:

Why do children want to “help” all the time when they are 2 and you don’t really want them to; but when they are 6 and 8 and you need their help, they are no longer so enthusiastic?

Aaaargh……     #*^^%#()_+@

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  1. jen says:

    Hello, everybody, so glad to see you… I love Music Together; taught it for about 4 years. So much fun.
    We’re thinking of tearing up the carpet and putting down hard flooring, but the thought of having my house torn apart makes me lightheaded. Oh, the cost does too. ;)

    jens last blog post..Yet another way to lie to your children

  2. I recently did a spring clean to get rid of some of the kids toys etc. I took one bag to a Trash and Treasure while the other bag still remains in my living room. And for some reason the contents seems to dwindle!

    I think one reason why 2 year olds like to ‘help’ is because they don’t know any better. And maybe because they want to be near you and you can make cleaning fun!!!

    The Sugar Fairys last blog post..Kitchen Challenge #4

  3. My 12 year olds room looks like a tornado hits – and keeps coming back. One huge garbage bag came out yesterday, more to come today. I feel for you.

    threeundertwos last blog post..Books: Better when passed around

  4. Mimi Lenox says:

    Ahh….I came looking for you only to find you knee deep in parental philosophizing. Big surprise! I enjoyed the pictures above of the kids in the sticky kitchen mess though. Looks like fun. But I remember the days of constant tidying. It was insane at times! I feel your pain.

    We missed you on BlogBlast Day but you still have your globe flying in the sidebar. Smiling….

    FYI: A mother on Prince Edward Island in Canada did the neatest thing with her kids on BlogBlast. They made peace letters and sculptures out of copper plates, got up at sunrise, went to the beach, spread them out and took pictures for BlogBlast Day. It was amazing! You have to read this post and see this. It’s so YOU.

    Peace to you and your lovely family,

    Mimi Lenoxs last blog post..Supper With Daddy

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