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By , April 11, 2008 11:58 am

I have had a house full of company this past week, including extra children to help give my gorgeous new wood floor a durability test run (it passed). Having spent some very pleasant time with my guests instead of blogging, I have not written some of the posts I had planned for this week, so stay tuned next week. Living life instead of blogging about it, what a novel concept!

It is a half day at school today (parent-teacher conferences) and my daughter is having a friend over tonight for a sleepover. We will also have a few extra children here this afternoon, simply for playtime. Wow, what a week!

My son was very weepy with fatigue this morning when I dropped him off at school. I would have liked to have kept him home for a nap and some quiet book reading, but he wanted to go to his half day of school. If we survive the playtime and sleepover, I really hope that this weekend can be a quiet and peaceful time to settle down and recharge our batteries.

I dream of a nice quiet morning cup of tea in bed, sitting and reading books with my children, having a fun and creative time with this week’s Unplugged Project (the theme this week is food, in case you want to join us), and perhaps a board game or two…

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  1. Jenny says:

    There’s nothing like company to wear you out, is there? I hope you’ve gotten your quiet morning cup of tea by now, and read lots of books too. Enjoy your Sunday!

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