Pipecleaners (Weekly Unplugged Project)

By , February 3, 2008 8:36 pm

It was a wintry, windy, snowy day here in Arizona’s mountains. Without TV there was no Superbowl to watch (I would probably have preferred The Puppy Bowl anyhow!). All in all, a good day for a project.

The theme for this week’s Unplugged Project was pipecleaners (or twist-ties, or wire in case you don’t have pipecleaners).

Last week I realized that we were sorely in need of stocking-up on craft supplies. So in addition to buying a lifetime supply of assorted pipecleaners, we also found pompoms, googly eyes, craft sticks, glitter, and even feathers. Now we have plenty to work with!

I set it all out in front of the kids, along with some corks that I had been saving (at the request of my 7 year-old), and let them have at it while I cooked dinner.

This is what my 5 year-old and 7 year-old came up with:

Later I joined in and made a spider (kind of an obvious project, but I had fun) and started some coaster weaving. My 7 year-old finished it for me while I put the baby to bed.

The weaving seemed like an inspired idea for teaching weaving to a child since it is very easy to thread pipecleaners under and over. You just have to watch out for the sharp, wire ends that can easily prick fingers. Perhaps folding over all the ends before using the pipecleaners would solve this problem.

If you joined in the project this week, please remember to put your link in Mr. Linky below so that we can find each other easily.

Tomorrow might be a good day for a project too. I suspect we might have a snow day. 100% chance of snow tonight (6 to 10 inches), 80% tomorrow (3 to 7 inches). More pipecleaners perhaps? Or maybe an early start on next Monday’s project:


Next week’s project idea comes from Jess who suggested collage/magazines (thank you Jess!). We have done collage recently (although I do love it and we missed it last time), so how about magazines/catalogs (but you can still do a collage if you want).

Some ideas:

– collage


– finding colors

– clipping pictures and making up a story

– clipping letters: make a cut-out alphabet

12 Responses to “Pipecleaners (Weekly Unplugged Project)”

  1. Claire says:

    I’m very impressed with all of your creations but particularly the weaving. I wouldn’t have thought of doing that with pipe cleaners.

    Another thing I also hadn’t thought of doing till Miles started last night was threading hama beads onto pipecleaners. He can’t manage to thread them onto laces yet as they are so small and fiddly but he managed fine with a pipecleaner.

    I’ve listed our project but I’m having so many problems with blogger right now I haven’t been my usual picture heavy and rambling self – which some may say is a blessing :-)

  2. Andrée says:

    Yup, I am idea-less for pipe cleaners. I’m glad I have a week to ponder this new topic. But it’ll be good for photography. that spider is great: does it still exist? I bet The Eight would love to take it off.

  3. I LOVE your spider! CUTE! The candy cane was very inventive, too. I really enjoy seeing what kids come up with!

    Now, decoupage… really?!? I DON’T THINK SO! LOL!! HAHAHAHA! :)

    My boys had a fun time with pipe cleaners. I’m sure they will enjoy the scissors this next week! They love to cut. I like the idea of cutting out the alphabet… that will take time! :)

    Enjoy this so much!

  4. Heather says:

    those look great. I never thought about using them to weave. That is a great idea. Thanks. Looking foward to next weeks projects.

  5. Or maybe we should suggest this:


    Just kidding! You don’t have to publish this comment. I just thought it was hilarious how it worked into this next week’s project! :)

  6. Jenny says:

    I love what your kids came up with! And I don’t blame you for making a spider- they’re too fun to pass up. It’s hard to believe you’re getting all that snow- it’s 75 degrees here right now (with a cold front on the way).

  7. Diane says:

    Great project! Love the spider!

  8. warillever says:

    Sorry that my post is so late — it took me longer to post about our project than it took to actually *do* it :)

    I really like the coaster. I may have to try that with my troop.

  9. warillever says:

    Woops. I made a cut-n-paste error on the first link. Please delete.

  10. Your kids come up with great stuff and how can anyone resist googlie eyes, anyway!

    I am really looking forward to collage because I have had a bookmaking project in my head for a while and now I have the boost to finally get my act together and do it!

  11. Heather says:

    This is my first visit to your blog and I’m sure I’ll be back! We aren’t unplugged but I think we strike a nice balance at our house. I have some art posts if you feel like taking a look at our blog.

  12. […] my book mark, I decided to do a bit more experimenting with weaving with pipecleaners. I attached four pipecleaners at the top like […]

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