Collage (Weekly Unplugged Project)

By , December 30, 2007 9:51 pm

The good news (I hope you think it is): I am back. The bad news: We had an adventure-filled trip home from Mexico, came home a day later than planned, I spent all day today unpacking and doing mountains of laundry while attempting to mentally and physically recover from a week away in a foreign country with an almost two year-old. Excuses, excuses, excuses…but it all boils down to the confession that I DIDN’T DO MY OWN UNPLUGGED PROJECT!!!

Perhaps we’ll get to it later this week? Big sigh.

Loser that I am, I am still here offering a humble Mr. Linky to any who might have been more organized, diligent, and available than I. I enjoy collage tremendously and look forward to seeing what you came up with. And if you didn’t quite get to it because of holiday stuff, that is OK too.

More on the trip when I have the time and energy to write about it (tomorrow I hope, but don’t guarantee).


Next week’s Unplugged Project:


Some ideas (depending on the age of your child):

– Cut up a picture on a cereal box and have your child put it back together (lots of intricate pieces for older kids, just a few simple pieces for younger ones). If you have no available cereal box, glue a magazine page onto some cardboard and then cut.

– Do a family puzzle together. Leave it out on a table all week and put in a few pieces as you all pass by it. See how much you can complete in one week.

– Have your kids (or you, for them to complete), make up crossword, word search, or sudoku puzzles.

– A scavenger hunt? List objects that each child must find in the house or outside. First one with everything wins their choice of family board game to play or book to be read aloud.

What comes to mind for you when you think of puzzle?

Hope to see you next Monday. I promise we’ll be there too!

13 Responses to “Collage (Weekly Unplugged Project)”

  1. Tamara says:

    Welcome Back! Hope you had a super trip. You are a brave woman.

    (BTW – there is no Mr. Linky here!)

  2. Kate in NJ says:

    P has been sick all weekend, so we haven’t done it yet either…she loves collage. Hopefully we’ll catch up some time today.
    Glad you’re back and looking forward to hearing of your adventure!

  3. Amber says:

    We did the unplugged project. We had a lot of fun with it. We even used some of them for Christmas cards. My 2 year old and 7 year old both enjoyed doing it.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Tamara says:

    We did the collage project! Went great! We took the simple route and let them do whatever they wanted and both the boys had a great time!

  5. Becky @ Boys Rule My Life says:

    Welcome HOME! We didn’t get to the collage this past week, but we did do a ginger bread house! The boys loved that!

    Hope you had a wonderful trip!

    Happy New Year!

  6. Jenny says:

    Hi-This is my first week participating. I heard about you from Kate at Homeschooling in the Garden State. We had a lot of fun participating and will be sure to be back next week. Our post is at:


  7. Maria says:

    Hi again. I am impatient for reading about your trip.
    Happy new year.

  8. Claire says:

    We’ve been too caught up in other things over the holidays but hope to get back into the swing of the projects mid Jan, after our break in the forest.

    Looking forward to checking out everyone elses projects.

    All the best to you all x

  9. Gattina says:

    I pop in to wish you a happy New Year! My cats had a bad moment at midnight because of the fireworks, Arthur disappeared in my wardrobe, lol !

  10. Andrée says:

    I am glad to see you all back and safe and sound and I’m looking forward to hearing about your trip. I had so many ideas in my head for this week, but with the Eves being on Monday, I got so lost and confused with what days of the week it was. So next week!

  11. Andrée says:

    Here I am finally, out of the holiday gloom. I had this wild idea that I would cultivate this odd relationship I had with this man, and wow was that a bad idea. But it took up a lot of the holiday time, and it kept me sort of busy so I didn’t mind the holidays as much as usual. It also kept me from developing this collage idea I had had percolating in my mind. But it is here, now. WAY late!

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  13. […] project idea comes from Jess who suggested collage/magazines (thank you Jess!). We have done collage recently (although I do love it and we missed it last time), so how about magazines/catalogs (but you can […]

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