Ribbon – Ribbon Bookmarks (Weekly Unplugged Project)

By , May 19, 2008 6:56 am

Sorry this didn’t get up last night, but when I went to post it, my site was down! The support people told me that there was a “migration” taking place on my server. “Oh, of course!” I said with knowledgeable techie certainty, but I was really thinking: “Isn’t that what geese do?”

I decided that whatever it was, it sounded important enough to take a Long Time, so I went to bed. I’m happy to report that the geese did not fly away with my site, as it is back this morning. So finally, here’s my post:


This week’s theme, chosen by my oldest daughter, was ribbon. It seems that she had bookmarks in mind when she chose that theme. In between running around outside in the glorious weather, and despite my lack of preparation, we somehow managed to make two kinds of ribbon bookmarks for this week’s Unplugged Project.

As usual, I had not prepared for this project and at the last minute we scoured the house for odd bits of ribbon or anything that we might be able to use. Here’s what we found:

My daughter wanted to decorate a bookmark-length ribbon with glitter glue, buttons, and flat beads. First she cut a length of wide ribbon, and then she added some glitter glue, and positioned some beads and buttons that I glued on with the glue gun. Here is her finished book mark:

For my book mark, I decided to do a bit more experimenting with weaving with pipecleaners. I attached four pipecleaners at the top like this:

Then I tied two different colored ribbons at the top too. I then weaved the ribbons between the pipecleaners, twisting the two ribbons together as I went along:

When I had about 2 inches of pipecleaner unwoven at the end, I stopped and knotted the ribbons around the pipecleaners. I then threaded beads on the ends of each pipecleaner, and a few on the ribbon ends. TIP: To thread beads onto fat ribbons, wrap the end in scotch tape (so it is kind of like the end of a shoelace) thread the beads, then cut off the tape:

I also added a few beads to the hanging ends of the ribbon at the top of the bookmark, just to dress it up a bit. Here is my final product:

I was rather pleased with the result of this. It would be fun to experiment with different colors and widths of ribbon instead of just using what one has on hand.


Did you join us this week? If so, then link to your ribbon project post in Mr. Linky and please leave a comment.


The theme for next week’s Unplugged Project :


I look forward to seeing your wonderful ideas! Hopefully the geese will leave my server alone from now on, and my post should be up Sunday night as usual.  Enjoy your week!


14 Responses to “Ribbon – Ribbon Bookmarks (Weekly Unplugged Project)”

  1. Tina says:

    Very cool!!!!! I could not find any ribbon in our house! But we were creative this week. I love what your kids did! Very nice.

    Tinas last blog post..Psalm Friday

  2. kimalita says:

    Very cute! I saw another ribbon bookmark idea using stamps and an iron…….that would have been fun to do. Maybe another time. I didn’t have the right ribbon for that one.


  3. Oooo– the pipe cleaner weaving is neat! Definitely have to try that one. :) Amy

    Let’s Explores last blog post..Ribbon Art

  4. Toddlebits says:

    Those came out so nice. I love the woven pipecleaner one. Very cool!

    Toddlebitss last blog post..Toddler Measuring Activity

  5. warillever says:

    I love the bookmarks. Wouldn’t they be a bit too thick to put into a book, though?

    I am excited to get back to working on these projects. We have had a few home improvement projects that took precedence.

    warillevers last blog post..A Day in th Life

  6. Pam says:

    Very neat bookmarks. I love the woven one! It is hard to think up ribbon projects for boys–I think metal will be easier. : )

    Pams last blog post..Reving it up with ribbons— our ribbon projects.

  7. Kayris says:

    I love the pipecleaner one! Very creative!

    Kayriss last blog post..Unplugged: Ribbon

  8. Ok, we didn’t tackle the ribbon this week either! AGH! I need to get back on the Unplugged Project Wagon!!! Ok, “metal”… hmmm. We’re going to do SOMETHING!!! :)

    Becky@BoysRuleMyLifes last blog post..Witt’s Birthday Party

  9. amanda says:

    What a great weaving activity! I’ll have to try that with my five year old since she’s so into the *idea* of weaving but most projects are a bit more than she can finish. I also wanted to let you know that I linked to your project from my blog,


    amandas last blog post..strawberry-lime water: recipe

  10. Jenny says:

    I love how your bookmarks turned out! What fun. Next week’s project sounds interesting- I’d better start thinking now!

  11. Kate in NJ says:

    Very pretty. I completely forgot to come back and post my ribbon post…I will have to find it in “limbo land” where it is dancing with other ideas I have forgotten I had…..;-)

    Kate in NJs last blog post..Tuesday Book Post

  12. Kari says:

    we did this early this morning which was a better activity than watching t.v.

    Karis last blog post..unplugged project (Ribbon)

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