Sculpture (Weekly Unplugged Project)

By , January 13, 2008 10:31 pm

We did not do well with the Unplugged Project this week (theme: Sculpture).

With me being plugged in more than usual and a few ski trips plus homework that had to be done, I am afraid we didn’t get to do anything new for “sculpture.” That’s a shame, since the children were excited about it, and seemed to have some interesting ideas.

I did take a picture of an old project that the kids did one day, all of their own devising.

Are you all familiar with Sculpey Clay? Ever since making Sculpey Clay beads in art class one time, my children are quite enamored of it.

Sculpey Clay is a modeling clay that you mold and then bake in the oven. After being baked, it turns hard and can be drilled, painted…whatever.

This picture depicts some Sculpey Clay cookies made by my son (age 5). On the right, you can see a baby in a cradle, complete with pillow by my 7 year-old daughter.

Unfortunately I baked the baby and cradle too long and they turned from red (cradle) and beige (baby) to jet black! So although I recommend Sculpey Clay to those who have never tried it, be sure not to overcook unless you want everything to turn black!

So what sculptures did you and/or your kids create this week? If you made some sculpture, please put your link in Mr. Linky so that we can find each other.


Next week’s theme: Toothpicks.

Why? I don’t know, but that’s what popped into my head. Sorry!
Heather wisely pointed out that pointy toothpicks and little boys might not be the best combination so she is going to change it a bit for next week. That is totally fine!

Since we all have children of a wide variety of ages, and there are even adults who do the project from time to time, remember you are always welcome to change and adapt a theme. How about popsicle sticks, or twigs, or anything you want!

The point is to have some TV-free fun with your children (or for yourself). If we can do it together and share our projects once a week, that makes it even more enjoyable. So do whatever you want that fits your child’s age and interests, but the one requirement is to have fun (oh, and be sure to stop by next Monday and tell me what you did, OK?).

Good luck!

9 Responses to “Sculpture (Weekly Unplugged Project)”

  1. Kate in NJ says:

    OK, we’re in. P had a lot of fun with her modeling clay.

  2. Heather says:

    My youngest saw the picture of yours and he loved them. They had a good time with this weeks project. I may have to change up our project for next week, I see to many injuries for our future with the little one. We will try to stay as much as possible with it though. The boys have kepla blocks (which are just giant toothpicks but no sharp points.) LOL

  3. Claire says:

    We had a kind of ‘intense’ unplugged project experience this week. Promise to keep the tone lighter next week :-)

  4. soo says:

    This is our first time taking part in the weekly project and I must say that we both enjoyed it so much. I’m so pleased that a friend showed me your blog some weeks ago. I was so impressed how we got on with each other, that for at least in the short term ,there is to be no tv going on in this house. In the hope that we have happy, quality, bonding time together.
    Your sculpey clay reminds of a kind of clay you can get near us called fimo.

  5. Andrée says:

    I chose to not do sculpture because it is just beyond me, over my head, and so on. I didn’t do the puzzles theme on time, so I have done it now. And it was a great time for me to do it, professionally speaking. I admire your family being so creative and arty: I just never was. I am, though, continuing to try haiku. I have joined One Deep Breath weekly haiku meme. I have only done one so far. But it gives me a lot of satisfaction.

    Now toothpicks? HA That is for me!

  6. utenzi says:

    I’m not setting a very good example. I just bought a 56″ tv so I’m anything but unplugged. I can certainly see some advantages–esp for kids–in getting rid of the idiot box. (but I kinda like being an idiot, dammit)

    Sculpture is fun and great for kids. I’m more partial to oils now but I liked getting my hands on things when I was younger.

  7. Becky @ Boys Rule My Life says:

    we’re late and we altered the assignment (again). But, hey, we did something with the tv off! :)

    Toothpicks sounds like fun. I might even get out the modeling clay and combine the two!

    I’m off to change my blogroll… glad your move went (fairly) well! :)

  8. Gattina says:

    I loved modelling too ! your “cutting the baby” too short made me laugh !

  9. Jenny says:

    I love the clay cookie- it looks just like a real one! Sorry I’m late posting- better late than never, right?

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