Mom Unplugged Goes Hi-Tech

By , January 12, 2008 8:50 pm

I have been noticeable in my absence this week (or maybe you hadn’t noticed). I have been in a technological whirlwind.

Due to the problems with the upload time of my blog for some of you, I have decided to use WordPress and host my own site via a hosting service.

This is all new to me! It took me a while to pick a service, buy the hosting plan etc. etc. etc. That was all OK and made me feel very “techie.” But all day yesterday and today I have been attempting to upload the WordPress software. I really feel like I am doing it right, yet I still am getting an error.

There is a service that will upload it for free, but I really want to do it myself since that is how I learn best, and believe me…I am learning a lot!! I don’t call myself “Mom Unplugged” for nothing!

Anyhow, my house looks like a bomb went off. My kids were in their jammies until 11 AM, and would still be in them if it weren’t for a birthday party that my daughter was attending at noon. Laundry sits unattended to. I am neglecting my Mom-duties…but I WILL figure this out!!!!! I will! I will! I will!

Is this what it is like to be techie? Obsessed and untidy? Is Mom Unplugged becoming…Mom Very-Much-Plugged? If I am hosting my own domain, can big screen TVs in every room of the house be far behind?? (Dad Unplugged hopes so.) Stay-tuned.

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  1. Christine says:

    Is this what it is like to be techie? Obsessed and untidy?

    Oh, no… it is much much worse!! LOL

    Drop me a line if you need help with WordPress.(I could/would do it for you but you’re right… better to learn than go on in ignorant bliss ;) Oh, wait… maybe ignorant bliss *is* better? LOL )

  2. Kate in NJ says:

    Good luck!
    I am no good with the “techie” stuff
    either, and my DH would also love
    to have a big screen in every room.
    I am trying to unplug us room by

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