Life (…and Rain…and Snow…)

By , December 2, 2007 2:11 pm

Last night our rain finally turned to snow and we awoke to about half an inch of dry, grainy snow. The children were ecstatic and my 5 year-old son wanted to immediately go out and build snow tunnels. Well, half an inch is not quite enough snow for that, unless you are an ant…but the kids did have fun.

I was relieved to see it turn to snow since this is what the playroom looked like yesterday:

Hooray! I was even able to take some drops rippling water “art shots.” The photo below represents the infinite connectedness of all beings and the earth as symbolized in the ripples of a drop of water from my playroom ceiling. I call it- Life:



Oh well, if you can’t laugh, you have to cry, right? I have had this leak before, and we have had many roofers and contractors over to diagnose and attempt to fix it without success. It only happens about once or twice a year when the rain hits the house at a certain angle. I think this time we finally figured it out though, since even the upstairs bedroom carpet was soaked near one of the bedroom windows. That window must be the culprit. It looks like we are in for a new window.

Today it is sunny and I am cleaning up this mess. While the kids and I work on the playroom, we’ll take the opportunity (I hope) to weed out some toys to donate.

Thank you all for your concerned comments regarding my leak. I just hope that we actually can fix it this time, otherwise perhaps we’ll just have to buy an ark.

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  1. Kate in NJ says:

    Ours was our basement…we’ve been dry for a while now, so we’re hoping it’s fixed, but we still worry at the sign of rain!

  2. CelticMommy says:

    Ooof, I’m so sorry to hear about your leaks! I remember the months leading up to our roof re-do… there was this one area that plopped in the living room. And then of course a big rainstorm hit while we were out of town and we came home to some lovely damage. It was lovely!

    We had rain too this weekend, but I think ours was a little less than yours. And of course, no snow in L.A.

    I hope you all get dried out and that the upcoming new window fixes the leak. :-) Hettie

  3. dawn224 says:

    That ark would be pretty cool – think of all the learning that could take place (but then I just watched Evan Almighty….)

  4. Jenny says:

    I hope you’ve found the source of the leak once and for all so you don’t have to build that ark! Seriously, I’m glad you’re able to laugh about it, and I esp. enjoyed your “art shot”.

  5. […] chain. Making more ornaments to sell to raise money for Heifer International, a field trip and a huge roof leak in the playroom distracted us from further paper projects, so the paper chain will have to be our Unplugged Project […]

  6. […] As I write this, I hear the angry buzzing of a chainsaw and heavy thuds shake the house as huge chunks of tree trunk drop to the ground. A tall Ponderosa Pine growing inches from my house is being cut down to make room for a master bedroom extension that will add some square footage, as well as fix my horrible mystery roof leak. […]

  7. Home Roofers says:

    We’re a group of Fireman Roofers that work on our days off shift. I can’t tell you the number of times we’ve been out to a house to diagnose a leak only to (eventually) figure out that the water was getting in through an old window or cracks in the chimney masonry. It is extremely difficult to get to the bottom of the problem. Congratulations on finding the culprit!
    .-= Home Roofers´s last blog ..Roofing – Getting Started =-.

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