By , November 10, 2007 10:53 am

Ah, the soft pillow, the sound of snoring dogs, the warm sun on my back, the covers arranged in that rare and perfect way.

How about a little lie-in this lazy Saturday morning? After an interrupted night of dealing with kid nightmares and doggy bathroom expeditions, an extra twenty minutes would feel so good. I sigh blissfully and give my eyes permission to close once again.

But…there is the baby on the monitor saying “Up? Up? Up? Up?” Now the two older children arrive in my room amidst a sea of giggles carrying between them their sign (photo).

Are they all trying to tell me something? So much for the extra sleep plan. I guess my sleeping-in days are over now.

As I haul my tired self out of bed, I am reminded of one of my favorite nursery rhymes:

Elsie Marley is grown so fine,
She won’t get up to feed the swine,
But lies in bed ’till eight or nine.
Lazy Elsie Marley

2 Responses to “Sleeping-In”

  1. Ragnar says:

    It’s a battle, but I’ve been trying to teach the baby about sleeping in…so far he doesn’t get it.

  2. Jenny says:

    Oh, wow- your two oldest must be a handful! I love their sign! CJ has gotten up at 5:30 for the past couple days, so I’m glad I’m a morning person. I still missed the peace and quiet that comes with her more normal 6-6:30 wake up though!

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