Reflections on the Inaugural Unplugged Project

By , October 23, 2007 12:21 pm

Thank you to everyone who joined the first “Unplugged Project,” it was a huge success! We had six bloggers who put their links in Mr. Linky and wrote about their project. I kind of thought I might be doing this alone, so I was really thrilled to have you six join me!

Reading the posts was very interesting for me. I noticed that nearly everyone talked about how other lessons came out of the project. For example Becky of Boys Rule My Life wrote this:

“We even had a little learning time when Will asked what was inside the leaves. We talked about how leaves and people both have ‘veins’. I think next time we do this, we’ll have another ‘learning time’ about mixing colors. I’ll only get out the red, yellow, and blue; we’ll come up with the rest.”

Tamara of Mama Tamara said:

“The pictures don’t really capture the whole ‘picture’ though. The kids enjoyed collecting items on their walk outside, and learned several new and interesting things about the items they collected. And they really liked experimenting with painting/stamping with the different items.”

It really does seem that the “best” learning often comes at unexpected moments, doesn’t it? I guess that is one of the reasons why it feels so good to get together with your kids from time to time and just do something fun.

This thought leads me to revelation number two: Many of you thanked me for coming up with this idea because you needed a “little nudge” to sit down and do a project. Well so do I! That is one of my more selfish reasons for deciding to give this a try in the first place!

I find it very easy to get stuck in my rut of laundry, chores, cooking, etc. Plus, with a very busy 21 month-old at home, all too often I find myself saying “I’m too busy with the baby” or “I’m too tired” when my older two children ask me to do something with them. This weekly “Unplugged Project” forces me to sit down at least once a week and really try and do something fun with them all.

This morning my oldest daughter asked me what the next project was going to be. My son overheard and said: “You mean we get to do a project together every week? Yahoo!!!” I felt happiness at his excitement, but also a pang of Mom Guilt at the number of times I am “too busy.” This will be a good thing for us too.

I also want to thank all the people who didn’t participate, but who stopped by to check out our project yesterday. Judging by my “stats,” it was probably the biggest day ever for Unplug Your Kids in terms of numbers of visits. It is so nice to know that I am writing for an interested audience and not just a vacant void!

If you haven’t yet done so, feel free to take a quick look at everyone’s work and leave a comment. You can find links to the other Unplugged Project bloggers in Mr. Linky on Sunday night’s post. Mr. Linky is the little list at the bottom of the post, just click on the names and you will be miraculously transported to to their blog.

Thanks again! I enjoyed myself and hope you did too!


Again, here is next week’s project:

Decorate a Small Pumpkin

– a small pumpkin (or big if you want!)
– paint and brushes

Have your child decorate a small pumpkin with paint. Leave it up to them. Younger children will want to just dab on paint. Older children might have a plan for a face, animal, design…whatever! If you don’t have a pumpkin, how about drawing one on a piece of paper and letting your child decorate that?

Hope to see you next Monday!

7 Responses to “Reflections on the Inaugural Unplugged Project”

  1. Kate in NJ says:

    Looking forward to next week.We have our pumpkin ready to go!By the way,several people thanked me for linking to you.
    They were so happy to find your terrific blog!

  2. Jenny says:

    How cool that your blog got so much traffic as a result of your Project- it goes to show you what a little nudge will do for people, huh? I’m thinking we’ll be doing the pumpkin project outside- our weather has been so perfectly fall-like this week, it would be a crime not to!

  3. missbecky75 says:

    Just got the little pumpkins for our “little pumpkins” last night! Will is excited to paint his. He said he wants to paint it white. We’ll see what he does!

    Thanks again for hosting this project – I love it!

  4. Andrée says:

    I have this idea that I may do something sometime, too. I could’ve made notecards from this past project. Incentive to begin writing and not e-mailing constantly. I have a pumpkin I could paint. Since I’m so far from everybody, I get no trick-or-treaters, so perhaps painting a pumpkin would help me feel a part of things again.

  5. dawn224 says:

    Hm. The baby and I might just figure out a way to do this one ….

  6. Danielle says:

    It’s been quite awhile since my last visit and I am so glad to see the movement you have created growing strong.

    Many of us want to spend more structured time with the kids but don’t know where to start.

    Thanks for providing such great ideas.

    By the way, Modern Musings has moved and it’s old home on blogger will be deleted at the end of the month.

    Wishing you and yours health, balance and joy.


  7. Mom Unplugged says:

    Thanks to all! I look forward to seeing what people come up with next week. Please join us Andree, the projects are for anyone, not just kids. I had a great time with last week’s stamping project, and I plan on doing my own pumpkin too!

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