Set Game: Obsessive fun for all ages!

By , September 26, 2007 8:42 pm

This is such a cool game! You can just feel your brain cells expanding as you play. Since no reading is required and play involves pattern recognition, even younger children (maybe age 6 and up) can learn to play and beat the grownups!

Check out the Set Game website for more info on how to play. The website also has a great online tutorial as well as a puzzle challenge which changes daily.

If you play the online daily game, you might get lucky and win one of the other “Set People’s” card games. They draw a winner randomly every week from amongst all the players. Let me know if you win, since I never have!

2 Responses to “Set Game: Obsessive fun for all ages!”

  1. Lynn Williams says:

    Set is a great game, I have been playing it for several years with my kids and they love it. it works their brains and mine.

  2. Jay Mendoza says:

    Some friend of ours gave this game to my as a gift and now we are hooked. SET has become our reason to have a game night. We invite our friend over for a game and we are up til the wee hours of the morning playing.

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