Feel And Find: A Game, A Toy & A Puzzle – All In One! (Guidecraft)

By , July 15, 2007 9:31 am

This game / puzzle / toy is wonderful in its simplicity and versatility. It consists of twenty distinctively shaped colorful wooden blocks, each with its own matching wooden “card.” It all comes packed in a drawstring bag.

The main game consists of drawing a “card” and then finding the matching piece in the bag entirely by feel. My kids also like to lay out the cards and fill them in like puzzles. Children can sort the blocks by shape or color. They can even play a memory game by laying the cards shape side down, drawing a shape, then trying to find the matching card by memory. My children have even played with the blocks as blocks and made up little stories with them (some shapes are people and animals).

This is my favorite sort of toy since the possibilities are almost endless! 3D Feel & Find encourages imagination … plus think of all the play possibilities you get for the price of one single toy!

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  1. CelticMommy says:

    I love this toy! My 3 year old really loves the different shapes and starts telling stories about the shapes being part of a big family. So, when we put toys away, we are putting the “families” away…

  2. Mom Unplugged says:

    Yes, the feel and find is wonderful isn’t it! I was interested to notice that they use it in my son’s 3-6 year-old Montessori classroom in the “Sensorial” area.

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