How it went for me

By , April 30, 2007 10:48 pm

This was quite an interesting week for me. As I have already mentioned multiple times, we have not had TV for 5 1/2 years, so my challenge to myself was to limit my time online. It was SO HARD!! I think I am definitely addicted.

I planned on trying to limit my online time to an hour a day. You may or may not have noticed that my posts have been far less verbose this past week, which is probably a very good thing! However, my big “problem” seems to be email. If the computer is on (unfortunately it is in the kitchen, where I am most of the time), then I want to “just quickly check” my email every time I walk by it. The pathetic thing is, that more often then not, I get this obnoxious “DING!!!” (which is computer-speak for “you loser, nobody loves you, there is no email for you, ha ha!”). Usually I can just ignore the snub and move on. But this week, I felt so guilty every time I checked my email, that every “ding” felt like being rapped on the knuckles for bad behavior!

After Tuesday, I ended up turning the computer off during the day time. I would check in the morning, and at lunch, and then again at dinner. After the kids were in bed I would do a post. The hardest time was while I was making dinner. The baby was in bed, the kids were playing elsewhere, and I was standing watching the stove with nothing else to do…and my computer would call out to me.

My kids had a great week. They didn’t notice a thing. I had planned on forbidding videos if they asked, but they never did. Among other things, they made a pretend store that sold “potry” (their spelling) – “pottery” made out of construction paper, built a fairy house in the vacant treed lot adjoining ours, built houses out of two huge boxes, read books, made birthday cards, had a Kids Cook Night, and my oldest worked on her school project about piranhas.

I was overly optimistic as to my personal goals which were as follows:

  • A maximum of one hour per day online – Hard!! I averaged 1 hour 30 mins per day, which wasn’t my goal, but was less than usual.
  • I will order my roses from David Austin – Didn’t do it.
  • I will begin watering and weeding my garden – Nope, but most of the week was cold and windy.
  • By the end of the week I will have my front porch looking planted and pretty again for spring – Sorry…cold and windy!
  • I will try to read an extra book, do a craft, or play a game with my kids after school every day – Yes, we did do something extra after school every day.
  • We shall have TWO Kids Cook Nights next week instead of one – Only one.
  • I will buy and actually READ the book for my next book club – I bought the book and have read one-third of it.
  • I will take at least one long evening bath – Never did it, I just wanted to go to sleep. Sleep or bath, I chose sleep.

But, instead of gardening I did accomplish a big goal that was not on my list, but that was in the back of my mind. I completed a large writing project that I actually never really thought I would do at all. I probably would not have done it if I had not been trying to limit my time online (and if the weather had been nicer).

This week made me far more aware of my time online. I also noticed that the days when I was more successful at avoiding the computer, really seemed more relaxed. I have found, both this week and at other times, that when I spend more time with my kids playing, reading, or just co-existing, we are all more happy and even-tempered.

5 Responses to “How it went for me”

  1. wishy the writer says:

    I’m all for more time for writing projects! Good on ya, Mom Unplugged!

    I also noticed that my youngin’ is calmer and happier when I’m not as plugged into my computer…but she doesn’t seem to mind at all if I have a notebook and pencil or a book in my lap. Go figure.

  2. Melissa says:

    I’d still call it a success. You did limit your time more than before and you are more aware of how much time the pc consumes. I didn’t make my goal, either. But I think the awareness is the ultimate goal of turn-off week. So, kudos to all of us. :-)

  3. Mom Unplugged says:

    Thanks Melissa and Wishy! We do all definitely deserve large kudos!!!

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