Results of the TV Turn-Off Week Blog Challenge!

By , April 29, 2007 9:30 pm

OK, so how did we all do?? Here are the names and blog links (to the main page) of all the participants who signed Mr. Linky, pledging to try to turn it off for one week. Please check them out. They should each be writing a post about how their attempts at a one week TV blackout went!

The Lazy Organizer
c.a. Marks (FINAL POST UP)
The NON-Superwoman (FINAL POST UP)
Montserrat (FINAL POST UP)
Elizabeth Coplan (FINAL POST UP)
miss muffet
cloudscome (Now Is Your Time!) (FINAL POST UP)
Our Multifarious Fun Family Blog
MC Milker

I really hope that it was a somewhat enjoyable and educational experience for all, despite any whining from kids or hubby that you may have endured. Remember, 100% success was not the primary goal. If you made it all seven days without turning it on even once, GREAT and CONGRATULATIONS!! However what I really hope is that you were at least able to have it on less, just to see what it felt like.

I hope that you and your kids found fun things to do with all the new found free time. Did you meet your personal goals for the week? What was harder than expected and what was easier? For those of you who were already without TV at home, how successful were you at avoiding TVs in the world…or your computer (if you included that in your goals)? Did anything about this experience surprise you? What did your kids do instead of TV?

I really look forward to reading everyone’s summary posts. Mine will be up sometime tomorrow (it is now up – click here), as will the result of my Amazon gift-certificate drawing. Whether or not you were a participant, please try and visit everyone and give them a big virtual pat on the back for being brave enough to try this!

4 Responses to “Results of the TV Turn-Off Week Blog Challenge!”

  1. cloudscome says:

    I posted my week end review this morning here. When I did Mr. Linky I put in a link to an old post – I am not even sure how I did that, but the main page is Sorry for the confusion. I am looking forward to reading how it went for all the rest of you!

  2. nina says:

    I enjoyed discovering new blogs from your list. Congrats to all the families.

    You might know that my child does not watch any tv or videos and we limit our tv watching so the challenge wasn’t exactly a challenge for us. That said, I didn’t watch any television between Sunday and Thursday. After a difficult day, I broke down and watched one program on Thursday evening. I really appreciated every minute of the program I watched. It felt good to make the choice but still I failed the challenge. I wish I could find something that would wrap me up and make me forget the way television sometimes can on occassion.

  3. wishy the writer says:

    My post-challenge post is up! Thanks for the challenge, Mom Unplugged!

  4. Melissa says:

    I just put mine up. Thanks!

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