Breaking Down the FCC Report on TV Violence (on NPR this morning)

By , April 29, 2007 9:27 am

I heard an interesting story on NPR Weekend Edition Sunday this morning. The FCC has recently issued a report regarding the effects of TV violence on children.

The finding: Surprise!!! TV Violence is bad! It can lead to increased aggression in children. Who knew? The FCC would like congress to come up with a definition of “harmful violence” and issue guidelines for regulating such TV shows.

Defining “harmful” vs. “non-harmful” violence seems a daunting enough task however, as you might imagine, Congress will also be faced with a whole host of Constitutional, free speech issues. Plus there is the more technical question of how to regulate something that can be watched anywhere at anytime thanks to the latest technology.

The NPR story, Breaking Down the FCC Report on TV Violence is a really interesting summary of the FCC report and its recommendations. If you have four spare minutes in your day, listen to it.

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