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Cool? Yes, but Think of the Dental Bills!

By , September 6, 2007 10:57 am

Interesting fact learned on NPR this morning:

Moray Eels have a second set of teeth in their throat called pharyngeal jaws:

“Once the Moray eel secures its prey with its first set of jaws, the pharyngeal jaws reach up from its throat, grabbing and pulling the prey down through its esophagus.”

(Quote from article at NPR website: Concealed Weapon: Eels’ Second Set of Teeth by Joe Palca)

Apparently it is common for some fish to have pharyngeal jaws for grinding food when they lack teeth, but the mobile jaw of the Moray is very unusual.

Check out this seven second slow motion video on the NPR website of the jaws reaching up and grabbing food (under section entitled See the Eels in Action). If you have seen the movie Alien, then you will know what this looks like.

As a hard-working mother of three, I have to find my daily comforts wherever I can. Today my mantra is:

“I am thankful that I’m not a fish in a tank full of moray eels. Life is good. I am thankful that I’m not a fish in a tank full of moray eels. Life is good. I am thankful I’m not a fish in a tank full of moray eels. Life is good. I am thankful…”

Animal of the Day – Western Quoll

By , June 11, 2007 10:53 am

Have you ever heard of the Western Quoll? I hadn’t! Check out the “Animal of the Day” daily.

Antarctic Antics – A Book Of Penguin Poems (Judy Sierra)

By , April 19, 2007 10:01 pm

I found this little book at a garage sale for 10 cents. Even if you are not that lucky and have to pay full price for it, it is well worth it!

This is a book of poems all about penguins, that are both very amusing and educational. This is not high literature, but these poems are so clever, that even I enjoy reading them! Kids will learn a lot about penguins as they laugh.

To give you an idea, the titles of the poems are the following:

  • A Hatchling’s Song
  • Mother Penguin’s Vacation
  • My Father’s Feet
  • Regurgitate (my kids’ favorite)
  • I Am Looking For My Mother
  • Penguins’ First Swim
  • Predator Riddles
  • Diary of a Very Short Winter Day
  • Belly Sliding
  • Be My Penguin
  • Antarctic Anthem

If you have a penguin-lover in your family, then you MUST get this book! Also, check out this very cool live wild penguin webcam from Antarctica that I found recently!

Isn’t the Internet amazing? It looks pretty cold there, doesn’t it!

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