Antarctic Antics – A Book Of Penguin Poems (Judy Sierra)

By , April 19, 2007 10:01 pm

I found this little book at a garage sale for 10 cents. Even if you are not that lucky and have to pay full price for it, it is well worth it!

This is a book of poems all about penguins, that are both very amusing and educational. This is not high literature, but these poems are so clever, that even I enjoy reading them! Kids will learn a lot about penguins as they laugh.

To give you an idea, the titles of the poems are the following:

  • A Hatchling’s Song
  • Mother Penguin’s Vacation
  • My Father’s Feet
  • Regurgitate (my kids’ favorite)
  • I Am Looking For My Mother
  • Penguins’ First Swim
  • Predator Riddles
  • Diary of a Very Short Winter Day
  • Belly Sliding
  • Be My Penguin
  • Antarctic Anthem

If you have a penguin-lover in your family, then you MUST get this book! Also, check out this very cool live wild penguin webcam from Antarctica that I found recently!

Isn’t the Internet amazing? It looks pretty cold there, doesn’t it!

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  1. […] Antarctica should have been my most difficult, not Australia! But fortunately I had this book in the back of my mind all along. We just love this little book of funny and educational penguin poems. Each poem teaches something about penguins in a very humorous way. I really can’t recommend this one enough! (For more information, read my review here.) […]

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