A New Look

By , July 5, 2009 9:19 am

It is time for a new look.  I feel stale, boring, stagnant.  Should I go platinum (I am already sort of blonde) or jet black??

Actually I am referring to Unplug Your Kids, not me, although my personal look could certainly use an update too.

Confession:  I have been secretly playing with new themes for some time now and today I accidently took the irreversible step (well, reversible, but with a lot of work) of pressing the “Activate” button instead of the “Preview” button.  Since that small misstep instantaneously erased all the changes I had so lovingly tweaked over the years, fate is telling me that now is the time for change!  (Haven’t I heard that somewhere before recently??)

So Unplug Your Kids might look a bit funny and incomplete for a while, but hopefully it will all be for the best.  So stay tuned to see if will I choose platinum or jet black …

(By the way, for you techie types out there, this time I am attempting to create a child theme so this fatal error never happens again!)

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