Cows, Kids, Men – Interesting Radio Science

By , September 6, 2008 11:31 pm

Here’s proof that you don’t necessarily need the Discovery Channel to learn new and interesting things! Here are a few interesting science stories I have heard recently on NPR, my favorite radio station.


Boyfriends that fear commitment? Distant husbands?

Marriage Woes? Husband’s Genes May Be At Fault


Is your child’s favorite word “Mine!!” ? Rest assured that they will probably outgrow this unsociable selfishness between ages 3 and 8:

As Kids Grow Older, Egalitarianism Honed


And finally, for some reason I found this REALLY fascinating and now I check out cows every time I drive by some:

Moo North: Cows Sense Earth’s Magnetism

Thanks to photographer MacTabbie and for the (North-South facing??) cow photo.

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  1. Candy Cook says:

    Cool. The Discovery Channel has consistently been on a losing streak with me with junk shows like smash lab, cash cab. National Geographic has been daring me to cut it off my package, with junk like Locked up Abroad or LA Street Gangs. Come on…. *snore*

    I will check out your interesting radio programs.

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