YOU Inspire Me!

By , September 3, 2008 9:09 pm

I am truly touched by all the wonderful responses to my last post! Honestly, I was a bit nervous when I hit the “publish” button for Blog Fears. It was a little more personal than I normally tend to get, but now I am SO glad that I wrote it.

It is very comforting to know that other mothers around the world share the same feelings that I do. And I am glad that you all realize where I am coming from too.

If anyone else out there has ever felt down about their blog, a nasty comment, or even simply a bad day at home with the kids, I encourage you to read the amazing comments that people left for my Blog Fears post.

Thanks to all of you, I am now feeling renewed, invigorated, and encouraged!

I’m sure I’ll still feel the sting when the next mean remark comes my way, but I’ll look back on all your comments and remind myself that there are far more wonderful people in the world than not.

Thank you all so much for lifting my spirits. YOU are the ones who inspire me!

2 Responses to “YOU Inspire Me!”

  1. Jumping on the bus late here, but a big fat raspberry to the mean commenters. And big warm hugs to you.

    Julie K in Taiwans last blog post..The guys

  2. You were so right on in your previous post. I’ve been lucky to avoid much negative commentary (and I’ve found that deleting those nasties and imagining how mad it must make them for me to ignore them is the way to go!), but a few months ago a friend who reads my blog asked how on earth I did it all. She felt like we must just be baking cookies all day, that my kids must be tremendously well-behaved, and that I was just ms. perfect mommy. The truth feels so far from this–I spend too much time cleaning, my house feels messy, I make my kids play alone while I do necessary tasks. Sometimes I yell.
    Realistically, to have a good blog you can’t be whining all the time and have to put up a good face. I guess some people get away with that since it’s sort of the personality of their blog (my best ex. would be Dooce), but I just don’t want to spread my negative energy to all my readers. My blog helps keep me feeling creative and like I’m doing something meaningful to me, and I guess that’s all that matters :)

    Amanda @ http://www.kiddio.orgs last blog post..Swap Update!

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