What’s Up With This Weather???

By , May 23, 2008 10:13 am

Yesterday was the last day of school here. Always a sad day for me. This year however, I was distracted from my self-pity-fest by the fact that I was driving my children home on the last day of school…in a snow storm! About four inches so far. More on the way today.

On Tuesday we were sweltering in a record-setting 95 degree heat (35 Celsius). Yesterday it was 35 degrees (1.7 Celsius). A 60 degree drop in two days. Impressive!

My son’s birthday party is today. His real birthday is in about 2 weeks, but this year we are having his party early before people depart on their summer adventures. I guess we won’t be picnicking in the back yard as planned. Will the party be snowed out or will we be having snowball fights?

I told my little boy to take a good look out the window because this might be the only snowy birthday party he has in his life!

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  1. Jenny says:

    Wow- snow in May?! I take it that’s unusual for you, too? That would sure be record-breaking here in Okla.! It’s been hot lately here, but CJ doesn’t mind as we’ve taken out her pool already. I hope your son’s party is success despite the snow!

    Jennys last blog post..Fun With Glue

  2. Tina says:

    Wow…I remember when we had a small storm in July. Made no sense! Its very pretty non the less. Happy end of school! We are close but not quite there yet.

    Tinas last blog post..Show and Tell Friday

  3. Tamara says:

    Wow – that is crazy. We have been having wacky weather here in the Seattle area as well – colder and wetter than usual. Of course our summer doesn’t usually start until July 4 but still….

    Tamaras last blog post..Unplugged Project : Ribbon

  4. WOW, last year we had a foot of snow on July 16th. I think you’re in Maine, right? I love it there so much but I like to keep our trips to the summer to escape the NY heat. My birthday is in early Oct and as a kid I remember going swimming some years and having snow others. Hope your son gets to have his party still, just bundle them all up and picnic in the snow for a few minutes?

  5. Andrée says:

    wow . . I’m catching up here and missed this! I’ve been hearing of awful heat in the country and yet we can barely break 60. But this what you experienced? wow.

    But it will be one great memory for your son’s grandchildren and they may not believe him (or they will think it odd it was so warm with only 4 inches!!)

    Andrées last blog post..Camera Critters: A Disagreement Between Geese

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