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My husband has officially become an enabler of my addiction. Mr-Are-You-On-That-Computer-Again bought me the ultimate addict’s birthday gift. Thank you! Thank you!

No, it wasn’t a bottle of single-malt Scotch, nor was it a gift certificate to the local casino. I am talking computer-addict here. He gave me a gift that I had never even heard of before. A gift that I didn’t realize that I couldn’t live without until I first laid eyes on it: A brand new, shiny, cute, slim, little MacBook Air!

It is so light and tiny (and did I mention SLENDER?). A mere wisp of a laptop, about the size of a clipboard and almost as thin. If computers were supermodels, this one would be Twiggy. It is so unobtrusive and pleasant to use, I can now blog anywhere! In bed, in the bathroom, on the back deck, on the sofa covered in cats, while driving the kids to school…well, OK, perhaps not everywhere.

Does my husband think that by tempting me with a cutting-edge computer he’ll be able to entice me down the slippery slope of technology towards…gasp…a TV? Is this the thin end of the wedge in his mind?

After all, my oh so gorgeous little ethereal MacBook Air does have a giant apple on the case. Is this The Apple that will get me kicked out of the Eden of TV-free living???

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  1. CJ says:


    Popping across from ‘raising the next generation’ to check out the ‘unplugged projects’

    I’m hopefully going to give my kids a go at them…I think it’s a great idea.

    As for your laptop, I totally understand :-) my hubby bought me a laptop and it’s great, I love using it in bed!

    I’m interested in seeing that you have no TV, I find I’m watching less and less, I usually moniter what the kids watch, but on odd days when they’ve watched a bit more than I’d like, I definitely see the difference, which then makes me more determind that they watch less.

    As it happens there is an interesting article, that I saw in the yahoo news section, if you have not seen it already it may interest you.

    CJ x

  2. Jenny says:

    Wow- your new laptop is way cool! It makes mine look like an old clunker in comparison! And I’d think if anything was going to lure you to the TV, this would be it. ;o)

  3. Diane says:

    Wow- what a beauty! Better than tv, I’d say!

  4. jen says:

    I’m gasping and whimpering and moaning in sheer envy. You don’t need a tv, you have heaven sitting on your lap. Mmmm…

  5. Mom Unplugged says:

    Thank you for all the kind comments about my new toy.

    And CJ, welcome to my blog! I had not seen that article, and it is truly fascinating! I’ll be writing a post about that one for sure. Thanks so much for linking to it! I hope we’ll see you back for our Unplugged Projects!

  6. Andrée says:

    it is gorgeous. i haven’t read the specs. but i need a few more macs. what a husband you have!

  7. […] Resources 4 Home-Education (a great blog by the way with lots of links to educational resources!) left me a comment today with a very interesting link. The link is to a Yahoo News UK article entitled: Psychologist Warns […]

  8. Maria says:

    It’s a great present. Your husband is great, too.

  9. Kate in NJ says:

    Awesome! Who needs a tv when you have one of those!
    Happy Birthday!

  10. Dawn says:

    so, does it get hot? my macbookpro gets really hot and I wondered if cramming even more stuff into a small space would also get hotter.

  11. Mom Unplugged says:

    No, it doesn’t get hot at all. To make it that thin they had to take out the optical drive (it can use the CD/DVD drive of another Mac or PC via WiFi). I think that probably went a long way to keeping it cool, as well as skinny!

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