More TV-Free Activity Ideas for Grownups

By , October 26, 2007 9:34 pm

Here are some more TV-free activity ideas for grownups that were left in the comments of yesterday’s post, TV-Free Activities for Grownups. I repeat them here for all to read and consider:

* From Amanda (The Rowdy Pea)

– Spend quality/quantity time with partner.

– Podcasts.

– Sewing.

* From Becky (Boys Rule My Life)

– Play trains (she thinks they need to branch out though!)

* From Wishy (Wishy the Writer)

– “If you can’t think of at least ONE more activity, you’ve been married TOO long! tee hee!”

* From Woodmouse (Woodmouse Loves Crafts)

– Volunteer more.

* Andamom (

-Visit a museum.

-Go on a hike through a National Park (and get your Passport Book stamped).

-Check out a new gallery.

-Go swimming.

-Go on a boat ride.

-Take a dance or cooking class.

-Practice yoga.

-Unclutter your home, car, and office.

-Photograph your family, community, or another location.

-Paint a picture or your home.

-Take up knitting or crochet.

-Fix things in your home or your clothes that are ripped.

-Take a long drive.

-Join a team (softball, soccer, etc.).

-Take up pottery, glassmaking, or jewelry making.

-Go fruit picking.

-Try a new restaurant.

-Get checked up by the doctor or dentist.

-Go on a hunt for ruins, artifacts, and other old things…

Thanks for all the additional “Unplugged Ideas!”

Thanks to and photographer Dawn M. Turner (“xandert”) for this photo! (Her website: The Turner Zoo).

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  1. Andrée says:

    get checked by doctor or dentist??? OH my, I think I’ll watch Dog the Bounty Hunter instead!!

    OK, my contribution: blogging! (I didn’t see it but I may (probably) missed it.

    Cribbage! I love this game by nobody is here so I have nobody to play with, so I play online.

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